Making Coffee with Moka Pot – Complete Guide

Moka Pot or Stove Top is a coffee equipment original that brew coffee by passing the boiling water from the chamber through the pipe using steam pressure.

In this video we explain about how to making coffee with moka pot, a complete guide to brewing coffee with moka pot. We split it in some part like:
– History of Moka Pot
– 5 Parts of Moka Pot
– Making coffee with Moka Pot (mechanism)
– How to make coffee with Moka Pot using stove
– Tips and benefits using Moka Pot

Moka Pot Coffee can extract the taste of the coffee to the maximum and sometimes can be used as espresso replacement. Also you need to grind the coffee until it fine. So what kind of coffee equipment that do you want us to explain? Please leave your comment, advice, and idea below.

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