33 Replies to “Making Coffee In A Clear Glass Moka Pot”

  1. VanDoren

    Honestly in Italy we have had stuff like that going around for ages. I have one I bought 20years ago. They are cute and somewhat interesting for the first few times one uses them but never really take off because they arent as durable as a whole aluminium moka.
    Also they tend to brew at lower temperatures (yes mokas can be engineered to brew at different temperatures depending on shape and dimensions of the funnel of the filter)

  2. mrdaflyguy

    I have 2 cup moka pot.do I tamp it?dont I tamp it?do I measure the grinds don't I?what heat.i just want a smooth strong coffe with no bitterness at their end


    It is great that the top is glass but I would stay away from anything made out of aluminium…..coffee is acidic and I don't trust eating aluminium!
    If they made the bottom out of stainless steel…. then we would be talking.

  4. Jason Yasumoto

    Thank you for the review. I am wondering if it would look "cooler" if it would fit under a more "normal" Moka Pot bottom, if the threads are the same, that is?

  5. Sophie Callard

    I watched the chef steps video when it came out have watched a few of yours here and there, but never connected you as the same person! Just thought oh cool more coffee experts getting out spreading the word

  6. Johannes Halberstadt

    Why didn't you taste test it in comparison to an aluminium top moka pot? Isn't the glass top also about taste and not getting as much aluminium into the water as you would if the whole thing was made of aluminium? When it is left to sit, esp.?


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