Making a Moka Pot Latte

Forgive the terrible quality…this is the first video I’ve ever edited!

This is how I make my wife’s salted caramel mocha latte with a moka pot and french press to froth the milk. Not perfect but it’s really tasty!

Freshly ground coffee
Torani Salted Caramel syrup (1 tbsp)
Torani Dark Chocolate sryup (eyeballed)
Almond Milk (4oz)


1) The amount of beans depends on the size of the moka pot basket. In all other brewing methods, I weigh out a specific amount of beans in grams. For moka pot, however, I just fill the basket. So grind as much beans as will fit in your basket.

2) Preheat your water. You don’t HAVE to do this…you can use cold water. But there is some research that shows you get a better cup of coffee with preheated water.

3) Pour water up to the valve in the lower chamber. Do this on a hot pad, since the water is preheated.

4) Fill the grounds basket and make sure the lip is completely clean of grounds so you get a good seal when you screw on the upper chamber.

5) Screw on the top TIGHTLY.

6) Put the pot on low-medium heat. My stove is set just above the “4”.

7) Measure out slightly more than 4 oz of milk in a separate container and heat it in the microwave. Should only take 1 minute.

8) Transfer milk to a small french press and froth the crap out of it!

9) Once moka pot starts “spurting”, take it off and run cold water over the base to stop the brewing.

10) In your mug, measure out 1 tbsp on salted caramel syrup and add chocolate syrup. I eyeball the chocolate, because we really like chocolate. 😁

11) Using a scale, add in 2oz of the moka pot coffee, then 4oz of your frothed milk.

DONE! Enjoy!

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