LIVE BARISTA TUTORIAL Part 1 – How to froth the milk and train your Latte Art skills at home

In this facebook live stream, I show you an easy way how to froth the milk back home with simple tools. No need for expensive machines, a simple french press will do and the result is really perfect – ideal to train Latte Art back home. Also showing you guys a way how to train your Latte Art skills without having to waste too much milk or coffee.

Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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27 Replies to “LIVE BARISTA TUTORIAL Part 1 – How to froth the milk and train your Latte Art skills at home”

  1. Emil Dimitrov

    Greetings from Serbia! One of the best channels on YT for barrista learning! There are so many questions and I want to ask one (hope it didnt come up before). I have a problem – after foaming the milk, when I start pouring the milk, foam stays on top of the coffee right away every single time. What am I doing wrong?
    P. S. Keep up the good work!

  2. radziahradzi

    I try to copy this until my French press glass breaks 😂 I use cheap press though about USD 6. Gonna buy new one to keep practicing but my question is if I buy expensive one like Bodum, will it break easily too?

    I still couldn't make any latte art though 😣

  3. Orlando G.

    I need to enroll in his school. I've already spent a lot on equipment and gadgets and I can't make anything. Makes me mad! Haha I'll try the frothing jug and the coffee grounds tips 👍

  4. Nishank Kumar

    Do we NEED a milk pitcher for pouring? Can wenot pour using the french press or a glass? I don't get my crema to float like this. Can we do that without a milk pitcher?

  5. special Steven

    And can I also make an coffee espresso shot without using/involving the espresso machine anyway in it?
    And if yes, please how can I do that?
    Thanks again.

  6. Asmaa Bassem

    no matter what I do, the latte turns out to hvae quite big bubbles with a horiible texture, not creamy.

    any solutions to that? I do tap and circle

  7. Francescolux

    I do the same steps, but i have too much foam, always, using French press, so underneath is liquid, on the top there's the foam, that at the and is too much dense…

  8. Ravinder Singh

    great job man . I have seen a electric induction in this video , IT's looking good . As I am looking to buy one ,SO can you tell me the brand and model .


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