Latte Art with a Nespresso Machine

Upon the request of many, I tried to see whether making Latte Art with a Nespresso machine and steamer works. The result, see for yourself 🙂

Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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35 Replies to “Latte Art with a Nespresso Machine”

  1. Ferenc Bakcsi

    I used whole milk, fill to first max line, and run it with red button for 55seconds. Perfectly textured milk!

  2. Becky Chizary

    Hi please can you tell me how much milk do you put in the aeroccino? It looks like it more than the max level for foam?

  3. Empi31337

    i would first create foam with the heating function (red light)
    second step after the red light turned off, start the "cold foam function" (longer press on button, blue light) to mix the foam with milk and destroy the big bubbles to micro foam.

  4. Juan Ferreras

    You're such a great barista. Are you using 2-3% fat milk? Does it change if you use powdered milk or not really? Thanks!

  5. Juan Carlos Alvarez

    I've been looking on the web for so long on a video of latte art with aeroccino. The result you have is amazing.
    I have couple of questions for you Dritan:
    -I see that you stopped aeroccino before led light going off. I understand why, this is intentional correct?
    -Does it make any difference on the milk texture, and so on, if you use the aeroccino with the lid off?
    -You start pouring the frothed milk in the cup without any real care, until the very end, when it starts "painting" it with white right?, if not, would you care to explain this bit of the process with more detail?

    Loved your video.

  6. Yi Hui Li

    Hi Dritan, I tried it using both the latte whisk and the cappuccino whisk but it didn't work. Can you give me some tips, and is the incorporating of the milk and the foam very important? Thanks!

  7. Steven Cammarano

    This video just shows how great of a barista you are haha. I use an aeroccino plus for "texturing" milk and I have been trying to create latte art with that and even have experimented with the different whisk attachments along with different milk amounts but I just can't make good microform with that machine (it's either too frothy or too liquid) if you could give me any tips on properly texturing milk with this machine I would greatly appreciate it!

  8. Luca Sandrolini

    Hi Dritan. In the video I can see that you stopped the aeroccino before it goes off.
    How do you know when to stop it?

    I can't understand when the foam is ok.

    How can you do this without using a kitchen timer?
    Thank you !!!

  9. Erika Ching

    Hi mr Alsela! I'm a big fan of you, I studied barism I have a nespresso at home and I had been trying to pull out the best frothing, I loved that you posted a video about it, I realized that you pulled the aeroccino out before it turning off, I had tried to do that but the milk itself isn't hot enough, can you please post a more detailed video🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  10. Chi Ming Cheung

    I can make some latte art with the milk from a steamer (like the normal barista will do), but I'm not able to do that with the Nespresso milk frother. The milk foam at the end is too thick and will just drop like a thick clot on my espresso. Any tips?

    By the way a lot of nice videos on youtube and photo's on IG!

  11. Sammers !

    OMG thank you so much for showing this. Does the amount of milk matter? Also, what kind of the frothing attachment did you use? My foam comes out too fluffy and light. Is pouring out of the jar important?

  12. Tamar M

    Very nice =)
    I just have a question regarding the frother… When I use mine, the milk comes out more foamy. How did you get yours to look more creamy? Thank you!!!

  13. Carl Myers

    Thanks for posting this. It just goes to show that it's about the technique rather than the machines used. Which whisk are you using in the aeroccino?

  14. Tiago G

    Hi Dritan, in terms of frothing milk, that machine from nespresso worth the money compared to a more crafed way like using a french press? This for home made of course! 🙂 thanks.

  15. Sebastian Gaura

    Dritan do you think that coffe machines like nespresso or dolce gusto are good with coffe extract in capsules ?what is your personal experience??

  16. Engin Canikli

    mit welchem Aufsatz muss die Milch erwärmt werden ? Und welche nespresso Sorte eignet sich am besten für einen Cappuccino ???

  17. SurJones

    There's a reason why they sell a lot of them. They are good enough for a mass market. Then there are some who really enjoy the full experience (at a cost) for our times as baristas! (follow me on Instagram: SurJones) I'll be as good as Dritian one day (now in my 1st year of being barista in my photography studio 🙂 (Rancilio Class 6 setup) +Dritan Alsela

  18. arjay delas alas

    i tried latte art many times. but i can't 😔 can u give some tips making basic latte 😁 thank you 😁


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