Latte Art Training (One- Taker)

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Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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39 Replies to “Latte Art Training (One- Taker)”

  1. Pat Capp

    You have to be a pro to do some of the other things like leaving milk streaming unattended! It's a sound change that tells him it is ready. He pours out some milk, I believe , so the pitcher isn't too full and easier to control milk flow. I could be wrong.

  2. mr mustang

    how do you know how long to froth the milk for without looking at it ? do you just listen to it ? or have a set timer in your head ? curious…. keep up the good work :)))))))))))

  3. chai foong

    Hi, i am deaf from Malaysia. I interested your art practice more and i love it. looks great video. I wanna to learn more from u how to make do them.

  4. Marvin Allen

    I'm not a barista but I do get to pretend to be one from time to time. I can get good foam but I can never get it to stay on top. I'm assuming that angle of the pour make a significant difference as well as the speed. But are there any other factors that contribute to the success or failure of keeping the foam on the surface? Things like quality of the roast, the addition of syrups or sugars, fat content of the milk…

    Awesome video by the way!!! Passion and care is always fantastic to witness, and though didn't talk, your demeanor, and subtle flairs of self critique speak volumes!

  5. aka mbeacho

    man you are supper fast ,
    My name is Fabrice an i am a barista but i can not make latter art what are the best way for me to do it

  6. Dorothy Bambach

    Really nice art. It would be helpful if we could see the back of the cream pitcher when he is pouring in order to see what he is doing with variations in height and horizontal movement. A tad of audio explanation could help as well. Thank you for the video. You make it look easy.

  7. saturnslipper

    Bravo! Absolutely Gorgeous….and the espresso art is not bad either(lol)! As I sat on a nearby bar stool, I would be lusting for both the coffee and the man…sigh*


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