Latte Art Training Live: How to practice latte art at home!

In this video I’m showing you a simple way to practice Latte Art at home.

This is what you need:
– Heating device to heat up the milk
– Thermometer to measure the temperature of your milk
– a French Press or manual milk frother to froth the milk
. a milk jug (any kind you prefer)
. a cup or glass
– Milk (any kind you prefer)
– Coffee powder

And these are the steps:
– Heat up the milk of your choice on any heating source you have available at home. The milk should reach a temperature of about 55C° to 60C° Any higher than 70C° and you’ll start burning the milk!
– Once your milk is ready, pour it into your French Press or manual milk frother and start pushing the plunger up and down. The more pushes, the thicker the milk will get. It’s a matter of practice and experience to decide, how many pushes are needed. But you might start with 10-15 times
– Now pour the textured milk into the jug of your choice. You can use any kind, yet the more pointy your spout, the easier it’s going to be
– Put some ground coffee beans into your cup. You can either grind the coffee yourself with a manual grinder, or simply buy pre-ground coffee
– Now start pouring, thereby practicing your technique and patterns. Once you’re done, you can pour the entire content of the cup back into the jug. Give the milk-coffee mixture a good swirl to keep the microfoam in tact and start over by putting new coffee grinds into the cup, pouring yet again.
The best part: You can repeat this process multiple times, saving lots of milk and coffeee! 🙂

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41 Replies to “Latte Art Training Live: How to practice latte art at home!”

  1. Jenny McCormick

    Ok I'm back a week later. I got a French press it makes amazing milk texture for latte art fast! Amazing!

  2. Edwin M. Bachtiar

    Thank you for this training video… I always think what is the best way to train latte skill without wasting the milk and coffee and I found this video, incredable.. You are the best!

  3. nmt krb

    Никогда не видел подобного метода обучения.
    Спасибо Вам! Очень здорово. Россия смотрит вас 😉👍🏽👋

  4. Enigma 01

    As always Dritan, you give amazing tips. You are a great person because you share your knowledge. I admire you and definitely a role model. Wishing you the best !

  5. Nick Koudis

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This is fantastic! Danke! Now I can train 12 times as much! I use cocoa dust and then drink the last one!

  6. Ярослав Кубарь

    А пить эту гамулу как ? Или это просто он показывает что он умеет рисовать ?

  7. Achraf eddine b

    اكيد الحطة والماتريال والنظافة والنظام والهندام والسوشل ميديا تخلي اي بنت او مرى تبات معاه ليلة اوليلتين او ثلاث بدون اي تدخل للقرين غو الشيطان في حالة مثل هدي

  8. sana raheem

    Which size of jug should i use for latte art .350 ml or 500 ml if i make one or two cups at a time .u use home espresso machine ..lower cost one (delonghi). . would a 350 ml one froth milk smoother or bigger 500 ml one. Or the same .i am askinf because. The steam pressure is not as strong as big machines so should smaller jug be better or same

  9. Eva Ye

    You helped me solve my question that has been bothering me for a while! It is really a good way to practice Latte Art! Thank you so much!

  10. Michal Juul

    You say 0:56 that the milk should be heated to 55 degrees fahrenheit. It must be 55 degrees celius. Thinking it is a speech error


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