Latte art training by Barista Dritan Alsela

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Hey guys, let me show you a simple way how to train Latte Art at home, in your office, Café or wherever you are. What you need is milk (whatever kind) and some coffee powder. Never ever spending money on a Latte Art Training 😉

Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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32 Replies to “Latte art training by Barista Dritan Alsela”

  1. Rusli Dharmawan

    clever… but before that. i need to train how to make a decent coffee. I don't want to drink instant coffee for a whole life. A good coffee shop is rare here

  2. Kim Estinozo

    Thank you! Now I can practice using milk without wasting it. I usually use water with liquid soap and soy sauce for practice.

  3. Michael Juardian

    This is so GENIUS!! I've been struggling doing latte art and already wasting lots of milk. Now you show me the way sir!
    Oh you also the first to make me log in and comment on youtube channel (not that important thou) kudos!

  4. Enigma 01

    Looks so easy but ……. after weeks of practice I am still trying to figure it out ! Patience … and practice, practice, practice. Dritan, you are a coffee maestro . Bravo !!!

  5. Daniel Sidarta Wisesa

    Hi Dritan, may I ask what kind of milk & what powder is that you use for this latte art training?
    Thanks & love all your video..

  6. tuswanto adji saputro

    Mamamiaaaa, I've been looking for the best video to train me latte art and thank you so much i found you mr,,,, brilliant way


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