Latte art Training

Latte Art techniques & Barista Skills

Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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26 Replies to “Latte art Training”

  1. Hakan Ucar

    Hello, you're unbelievable. I'm respect your work. I am trying to starbucks and my target is to be like you. Thank you for being my inspiration.

  2. Randy Beaumont

    how do you get nice even microbubbles. when I make foam I end up with 2 separate fluids. it is just thick milk and the other part is very stiff foam floating on top of the milk that won't pour fluidly.

  3. claudio marcelo Gomes da Silva

    hello friend must have some classes with you
    but I am what country of Brazil you are
    the tambme 'm following you in ok instagran

  4. rik breukink

    very funny video! when the baby finally stopped crying, there come the barking dogs 🙂 dritan stays cool, smiles and pours some more beauties

  5. cincrlatko

    Hi Dristan

    I am wondering how many milimeters thick should the milk foam layer be on cappucino,,, i make the milk foam either too thin and the foam is about 4 milimetres high or too stiff so i cannot draw with it but the foam layer is around 1cm high

  6. Austin Pollard

    keep the great videos up, I watch them on break at the cafe I work at. people keep asking how I'm picking up on latte art so fast, thanks to you. 😊

  7. John T.Z.K

    I really wondering how u did that WAVE latte art … you are like doing circle when u pour OMG…. Just cant stop watching !!! REPECT !

  8. Alex Pack

    Brilliant video. I have a question, I know when you steam the milk you have to get it spinning in the pot(don't know what it's called!) but is there such thing as over-spinning? sometimes I will get it spinning so fast in the cup that the milk is so bubbly- and I work in such a busy cafe I don't have time to start again and I have to just go with it and try and get rid of the bubbles. most of the time the milk is fine, it just seems to be when I get the milk spinning really fast


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