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Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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12 Replies to “Latte Art”

  1. 黄颖祺

    Everytime I watch Dritan steam milk my brain screams "PURGE THE STEAM WAND"

    Really like watching him make coffee though, I stopped working at a coffee place but the sounds of the cafe and just watching is incredibly therapeutic.

  2. KeunSik Lee

    I have been practiced everyday according to your latte art but always difficult to me because of milk steaming.

  3. Deerector

    No matter what i do, I cant get my milk like that. I of course dont have that machine, but still have a great consumer one and I've tried everything. Its impossible.

  4. Jonny Pistols

    Honestly, I think you're horrible. Lattes are supposed to be consumed immediately after they are made. The milk you using has not been steamed correctly and you didn't purge the wand after you used it.

  5. Miles Dolding

    Brilliant, you make it look so easy! Im just getting the hang of latte art now and it feels great, hopefully i can be as good as this one day!

  6. Jarvis Miner

    I work with the coffee machine, but not always it turns out to make the beautiful coffee, what advice for the beginner you can give? Thanks)


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