Italian Moka Pot Espresso with Foam (Stovetop)

This shows my technique for making stovetop espresso with a moka pot. The ‘crema’ (foam on top) is created by whipping sugar with some coffee before pouring the finished coffee into the cup. It’s not the crema that you’d get from a real espresso machine but it’s still good! I find that 2 parts of sugar with slightly less than 1 part coffee gives the right consistency (it takes a bit of practice). You have to use the first bit of coffee that emerges because it is thicker. The song is “40 Cups of Coffee” by Ella Mae Morse. Thanks to Jordan for filming!


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  1. grbadalamenti

    You are using Medaglia D'oro caffè! There is a small caffè bar in Verona, Italy called Medaglia D'oro run by an exquisite old man in his eighties next to my appartment!

  2. Jassi Anand

    nice video …..:)
    one question , just started with moka pot today , it came with an extra filter …..
    i tried it as u said , the brewed coffee that came up contains lots of residue ……
    is it normal ?
    please reply …..

  3. Chris Willmore

    People should know that moka pots were traditionally used before the espresso machines. You should also note that moka pots and espresso machines create different flavours. I personally prefer the moka pot as it is the proper way to make espresso.

  4. Paul Fusari

    @PainDealer86 Try using a little less coffee and mix it vigourously. The sugar should be just damp to start. Also try to use the first bit of coffee that comes out as it's a bit thicker.

  5. PainDealer86

    Is that ordinary sugar you're using cos I just can't make this happen. All I get is a sludge of sugar and coffee with nothing creamy in it 🙁

  6. Paul Fusari

    @mark2500 Not sure, you may be right – i find it's a different taste when the foam works out thick vs just adding sugar to the finished up. Thanks for watching 🙂

  7. clericneokun

    Thanks for the video. Maybe I'm just imagining things but after I tried this method, I found that whipping up the sugar like this somewhat gave the mixture a better taste than by simply pouring it from a container and mixing it. I don't know….Maybe the sugar spreads throughout the cup better when whipped than when simply mixed in.

    Anyway, great video.

  8. Darkfalz

    @prafty That's because people don't know how to use theirs. A Moka will do better with off the shelf pre-ground stuff because that is just no good for the higher pressure espresso extraction – it'll just come out too fast and over-extracted. Because in a Moka there's only 3-4 bars of pressure, there's little risk of over extraction. However, if you get the grind (with fresh roasted beans) dose and tamp right, the coffee is much better, full stop. A Moka pot can make a nice long black though.

  9. prafty

    @Darkfalz79 debatable, most commercial 'home' espresso machines make pretty average coffee. stove-top's may not be economical with coffee used and slow, but i find their brew to be a step above the entry level affordable espresso machines

  10. AnnPeek

    That's a good trick – especially if you like a sweeter cup, but if you want real crema, try adding more coffee and then tamping it down with the top part of the pot, and of course use fresh ground coffee. I've gotten great crema with my French press and fresh beans that were ground the same day.

    I love the song that goes with the video. Very cool.

  11. Stefan Sigfinnsson

    Why not just use the Brikka and forget to use sugar in the coffee because sugar really ruins the good coffee flavor.

  12. CaMpiOniDeLmOoOndO

    An important thing to remember people is that this must be done with the very FIRST drops of coffee that come up from the machine. If you wait for all the coffee to come up and use a few drops from there it won't work out. You have to use the first drops because that is the most potent coffee. I have had a box of kimbo coffee opened for a few weeks now and it works fine with thayt. Good luck!

  13. BonesTheCat

    @YoPaulie21 I just got – 2 days ago – a stove top with a steam wand on it. Want me to let ya know when I upload a vid of it?. It's cool. lol

  14. Paul Fusari

    @trinakria1282 I'm glad it is working for you. Yes, it takes a bit of trial and error to find the right ratio. i've been doing it this way for a long time, and occasionally i will still add a bit too much coffee and it won't turn out.

  15. BonesTheCat

    What's stopping you from dropping some shots of the coffee and heating milk and using a battery whisk for froth?

  16. Chloe Ember's World

    Makes for nice texture even if not real crema. Unfortunately it didn't work for me, but I probably need to adjust my proportions and use white sugar instead of brown. I will keep trying till I get it right. Thanks for posting!

  17. Chloe Ember's World

    Makes for nice texture even if not real crema. Unfortunately it didn't work for me, but I probably need to adjust my proportions and use white sugar instead of brown. I will keep trying till I get it right. Thanks for posting!

  18. lalu225

    we call this "rubbing ness" 🙂 you just put to teaspoons of sugar and one teaspoon of instant coffee into a cup, add a teaspoon of hot water, mix vigorously until it changes color to light brown, then add the rest of hot water.


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