Indonesian Coffee Avocado Smoothie – Es Alpukat Recipe

★PRINT THE RECIPE FOR INDONESIAN COFFEE AVOCADO SMOOTHIES★ Es Alpukat (meaning ‘ice avocado’) is sold by street vendors across Indonesia. The avocado is typically blended with coffee, chocolate syrup, or sweetened condensed milk. The result is an avocado smoothie that tastes like a sweet, coffee milkshake.If you don’t like coffee, you can substitute milk to make an avocado smoothie.♥ We love to hear from you! ♥ Please feel free to ask questions and share your own experiences.Music courtesy of YouTube Audio Library.Ice image credit – Wikimedia User: Mattes – used via Creative Commons License (CC BY-SA 3.0). *FTC* – This is not a sponsored avocado smoothie,indonesian coffee avocado smoothie,indonesian avocado smoothie,es alpukat,es alpukat recipe,how to make avocado smoothie,avocado smoothie recipe,coffee avocado smo,how to make,avocado,coffee,smoothie,milkshake,coffee recipes,avocado milkshake recipe,mokabees,Recipe (Website Category),Food (TV Genre),healthy recipes,avocado recipes,coffee avocado milkshake,indonesian coffee,avocado milkshake,Cooking

22 Replies to “Indonesian Coffee Avocado Smoothie – Es Alpukat Recipe”

  1. Alex Contreras

    People don't know this but the Avocados from Mexico and Guatemala tend to be very creamy and high in oil which are better for food. The west indies Avocados (Native to very troipcal americas) those grown in very tropical places tend to be more watery which work better for smoothies or shakes like in Indonesia

  2. uglypotatou

    Okay, even as an Indonesian I've never tried this kind of es alpukat. Gonna try making one! Thanks for the video!

  3. Kevin Kweyu

    When you plan for a house date and have no idea what drinks to have after the meal, MokaBees comes to the rescue. Thanks a lot. Just earned yourself a new subscriber.

  4. Farrel Ferdian

    well i lived in indonesia, i don't think i've ever found this beverages blended with coffee, we just blended it with milk or just water

  5. Alberto Gomez

    Avocado shake? Wow, I use this for salsa for tacos and guacamole. I'm impressed this " Indonesian coffee avocado smoothie". Avocado I don't consider something sweet to drink but for salsa and topping for Mexican meals. But I will make this see how it taste.

  6. ahmad mushaffa

    I always love avocado juice, but mix with coffe is something else . I love coffe so its double pleasure for me. with a scoupe of Ice cream will be perfect 🙂


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