IMUSA 6 Cup Electric Espresso/Moka Pot Unboxing and Review

Since our espresso machine is down for repairs, we had to buy something to make do during the repair… You can buy one also here:

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8 Replies to “IMUSA 6 Cup Electric Espresso/Moka Pot Unboxing and Review”

  1. Rr Mexico 1366

    Bought the same RED one last summer (2020) and within 3 months the BOTTOM part (red) sprung a leak. ( probably a manufacturing defect ) HOWEVER the company DID replace the unit so THEY are very good with support. The coffee is great for making a cappuccino by the way. Depending on your beans of course……..Loved the video…..thanks

  2. Mariluz Vargas

    This video was very helpful.. My father received it for Christmas.. He didn't see the instructions 😩 .. Question.. Does your device have little bit of the coffee grains that comes through?

  3. andygomez416

    Thank you so much for a very helpful video. I'm considering one for work. It seems the right fit since my coworkers don't respect others belongings it won't hurt my pocket if they mess with it or break it.


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