il barista

Musiktitel: I dunno
Autor: Grapes
Grapes – I Dunno

Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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45 Replies to “il barista”

  1. Abdulaziz-Tucson

    By the time I get my cup, it will be cold or cool. Additionally, I have noticed in almost all your videos that you prepare your drinks as single shots. A great way to save money as people generally don't know what they are drinking

  2. Dominick Sánchez Matos

    WOOUU Si que eres muy bueno Dritan, me gustaria aprender contigo ser tu alumno 🙂 Saludos desde Peru

  3. Gabrièl Bonura Jr

    Sanno una sega gli americani, i tedeschi e tutti gli altri… questo l'è un cappuccino di altra categoria, alta qualità… e la maiala di tu mà.

  4. Peter Müller

    hi dritan, did count ca 30 seconds time per shot. what is your yield and your brew ratio with this set-up? as your lever machine is fixed with regards to yield (except u remove the cup what u don't seem to do) and time you just adjust your shots via dose and grind size, correct? is that, out of your experience, sufficient to achieve a good cup?

  5. Ricardo Guinto

    I've yet to find a barista with a better workflow+drink consistency than Dritan. Tbh i don't think there is anybody else out there especially when you factor in using a manual lever machine with no fancy PIDs and all

  6. Nikolay Vasilyev

    официантка красивая очень. По-любому либо наша, либо хохлушка

  7. EverythingYoutube

    I am looking for a professional lever machine which would you reccomend. have u heard about londinium?


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