How to Use the Bialetti Musa Moka Pot

The Bialetti Musa Moka is an all Stainless Steel Stove top Moka Pot. It can be used on all cooktops, including Induction. Comes in 2,4,6 & 10 Cup capacity. Shop Bialetti Musa Moka Pot 👉

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If you’re after excellent stovetop espresso and have an induction stovetop, the Bialetti Musa Induction is a great moka pot for you. It’s easy to use, visually complements any kitchen, and brews killer espresso.

Thanks to clever mechanics, brewing espresso with the Musa is a breeze. Simply add the ingredients to their appropriate chambers, assemble the brewer, and heat on your stove.

Basic Stovetop Espresso Instructions:

Grind 24g of coffee at a medium-fine setting and place in the coffee basket.
Fill the water reservoir up to the release valve with water (don’t cover it).
Place on low-medium heat for 4-6 minutes.
When the espresso fills the upper chamber 80%, remove from heat, pour, and enjoy.
You can then enjoy your full-flavored, full-bodied espresso. You can also cut it with steamed milk for a flat white or hot water for an americano.

The Bialetti Musa Induction is compatible with all stove types, even induction (the 2 Cup model is not compatible with induction). This is due to the durable full stainless steel construction.

The stainless steel is easy to clean (wash by hand) and looks great anywhere. The moulded resin handle is counterweighted and shaped to make the device easy to handle and pour from. This stovetop brewer comes in sizes for every circumstance: 2 Cup, 4 Cup, 6 Cup, and 10 Cup.

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10 Replies to “How to Use the Bialetti Musa Moka Pot”

  1. Dan Müller

    Hello! I have the same, but the 10 cups version (500ml). The chimney (fennel) is so long and thin, I cannot find a way to clean it efficiently. Any trick to do it ^^ ?

  2. Angelus_Solus

    I was thinking about the Flair Neo, but this might be a bit easier to use. After all, I'm no hipster coffee snob. What I love the most about this is it's stainless construction! No leaching of aluminium oxides into your brew with this unit.

  3. 11lvb

    I have one, 6 cups capacity, but I'm not satisfied with it at all. The valve has a loose spring, it is opening instantly as some pressure builds up and is letting out at least a cup of water as vapor. The result is 4-5 cups of coffee which tastes too strong.

  4. Tedolph Bundler

    Wrong. The grind should be a little bit coarser than an espresso grind. Look at a can of Magdalia d'oro to see what the grind should look like.

  5. Can Celik

    I'd prefer the grind size coarser.
    If you use a espresso fine grind size, coffee will be bitter.
    My trick is, using a little bit coarser than espresso fine grind size and use a aeropress filter. You should try.

  6. Marcos Brea

    I don't do like that.

    17 grams _ 240mL
    Preheat the water and rainse the top Chamber with cold water before to avoid too much heat and preserve aroma.

    Inmediately after seeing bubbles close down the top lid, take off from heater and cool down the bottom chamber for 10s in the sink to avoid burning the coffee on top.


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