How to Use the Bialetti Mini Express Espresso Coffee

Learn how to make delicious espressos using the Bialetti Mini Express. Great for making any type of coffee, whether your at home or on the road camping or hiking.
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The Bialetti Mini Express 2 Cup is a beautiful variation of the classic Bialetti Express, the world’s most used stovetop espresso maker. The Mini Express 2 Cup features cup platforms and dual spouts that deliver espresso right into your cup.

This stovetop espresso maker is designed simply to on coffee, water, and a stove. Use it at home, at the office, or while camping – anywhere you have a stove.

It is easy to use and brews delicious, rich espresso with velvety crema in under five minutes. If you enjoy a flat white or latte, they can be made by adding steamed milk to your espresso. This 2 Cup model brews up to 60 ml of espresso, enough to fill two 30 ml espresso cups.

Built with durable and classy aluminum alloy, the body and spouts of the Mini Express will last a lifetime. The black acrylic centerpiece is able to be handled when the aluminum is hot.

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12 Replies to “How to Use the Bialetti Mini Express Espresso Coffee”

  1. Alyssa

    can you use a manual coffee grinder to grind the coffee to be brewed using this mini express? must I use an electronic grinder?

  2. Anuj Desai

    How do you avoid the issue where one cup gets much more coffee coming out vs the other? Everything is clean and put together as you do.

  3. Alex Cohen

    Can I use a 1 cup or a 2 cup basket on the Mini Express Espresso Coffee – 2 cup?
    I understand that the spouts can't be moved or shut, just want to know if the Mini Express Espresso Coffee 2 cup I compatible with the 1 cup basket I already own with my 1 cup moka express.
    The item number of the basket is 0800101.


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