How to use a stovetop espresso maker/ moka pot

The lovely Laura shows you how to use an espresso pot in a short 2 min video :). We have leftovers of this pot for sale on ebay. Search for Cow-pattern espresso pot or contact us for details!!!


44 Replies to “How to use a stovetop espresso maker/ moka pot”

  1. Hữu Toàn Nguyễn

    I love this machine.>>> I had gone thru 3 before this, they were all not powerful enough to make strong double shot. The grinder is great, the strength of the shots, and the size is perfect. I can't recommend this machine enough. The gauge helps u see if ur getting a good shot or not which I like alot.

  2. Stephanie Joseph 스테파니 조셉

    OMG we get it, the word is pronounced ESPRESSO give her a break, in the end we still learned how to make good coffee 🙂

  3. Stephanie Joseph 스테파니 조셉

    Very helpful video! I will be staying up all night to finish a project so this is awesome, I did this but where I went wrong was the measurements, no coffee came out maybe it could've exploded aswell?, thanks to you I know better now–Thank you very much! 🙂

  4. CheezyDrool

    I feel ashamed that I needed a video to learn how to make espresso. Great video for dummies like me who needed every step.

  5. John O'Donovan

    nice video Laura , its a shame that some cant keep their minds and language out of the gutter.Really, for some straight up video on Expresso or Espresso whatever you'd like to call it. Anywho thanks, I still can't get a drip of juice appearing in mine after 15 minutes on the gas stove

  6. David

    Expressive expresso. It doesn't make espresso but it does make very strong coffee. Espresso requires a machine to get the required pressure.

  7. Matt Tritt

    It's been about 5 years since she made her grievous grammar attacks and odd warnings of explosions, but she definitely Was cute!

  8. Beaguins

    Thanks! When I moved into my dorm I got one of these in a box of stuff and didn't know how to use it. Now I just made some espresso with it and it tastes great!

  9. Jason Williams

    Grammar gestapo, please shut the BLEEP up unless you're  professional writer or ELA instructor (in which case I'll applaud your grammatical dexterity, but remind you that this is a video on making coffee not passing your LSATs).  

  10. Patricia Novoa Block

    Thanks. Somebody gave me a machine and I was not sure how to use it. It came out perfect. Secret: Don't put too much coffee.

  11. debbie k

    So….how can you tell when the water has completely filtered up?  Mine is larger than this one shown, and I cannot tell when it's done brewing.  It's a big problem.  I've screwed it up three out of three times thus far.  Leaving water in the bottom part.  It's been on the stove for what has to be at least 5 minutes.  On high.  Ugh!

  12. Tim Tovey

    "If you pack it too hard your pot might be in danger of exploding" BOLLOCKS. That's what the safety pressure value is for!! The more you pack it the more intense the flavor will be : 

  13. Duffy Johnson

    Sorry, the mispronunciation is really annoying. This lovely young woman may be smart as a whip IRL but when you repeatedly mispronounce a word it makes you SOUND stupid, much like when people type 'should of' instead of 'should've' in their internet posts. Apart from that, it was a good demo. My stovetop espresso pot has an additional cover on the filter cup. However, the whole reason I looked up the video was to find out what the little valve on the side is for.


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