How to use a Moka Pot for your Morning Coffee | 모카포트 사용하는 방법 | Cafe Yooky

My first experience using moka pot was in Italy. It was awful.
Not because moka pot is a poorly designed gadget but because I didn’t actually know how to use it properly.
It is very simple to use, but knowing one or two simple tricks how to use it makes a huge difference in taste.
I’ve been using Moka pot for over 3 years and hope some of my tips help you make your morning coffee taste better than ever 🙂

For those who asked for the espresso burner set:

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19 Replies to “How to use a Moka Pot for your Morning Coffee | 모카포트 사용하는 방법 | Cafe Yooky”

  1. Karma Empire

    You should never use soap, when cleaning your Moka, only hot water and your bare hands or you strip down the protective layer!

  2. Park Sung

    Is it mokapot can make an espresso ? Do you have the tips ?? Also isn’t mokapot can’t be washed with a soap ??

  3. 101 Life

    I have the same problem here. Background music damn loud! What is the focus? Music or instruction to make coffee? I'm confused.

  4. Andy K

    Thanks for the great tip! I used thr moka pot for the first time yesterday and it was too bitter! 너무 오래 끓였었나봐요- I'll try this out

  5. Kit

    Cafe Yooky I heard two reasons for not using soap. 1, because the oils act as a barrier to prevent the aluminum from leeching into the coffee, and 2, aluminum is a porous metal which can hold soap odors which then make the coffee taste funny. I have no idea if either of those are true, so as I'm new to the moka pot and still getting my system down, I'll have to experiment over time. This was one of the best mp videos, and I love ALL your beautiful cups! I collect cups & saucers too! 🤓 Cheers.


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