How to Use a Moka Pot for Espresso Style Coffee

Drink coffee like the Italians with a Moka Pot. We discovered this percolating gem on a trip to Italy and it’s our favorite way to start the morning off or top off a delightful evening with friends. Penny for penny this coffee maker is a great deal for boutique coffee shop taste.

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43 Replies to “How to Use a Moka Pot for Espresso Style Coffee”

  1. Robert Eisenbach

    Thank you for your nice video. You should try coffee from Lorenzotti Italy. Which is coffee from Naples Italian.

  2. J F

    Is this a joke!? The are plenty of videos on how to actually use the Italian moka pot, so why bother with this completely misunderstood American interpretation of Italian coffee!

  3. Satish Narayan

    The percolator is not clean enough. Mine is a five year old and it looks brand new. And besides , I pour coffee powder separately by keeping the filter cup on an empty plastic bottle and gently tap the filter while pouring the coffee powder so it gets evenly distributed . It's a wonderful percolator and gives you much better coffee than the ones made in the cafes.

  4. Parzival 93

    With the moka pot you don’t make an espresso, the espresso coffee is with the espresso machine. I think first of all have some basic information is better

  5. louisvl10

    Thanks! Was looking at the store at the machines, they all contain lots of plastic parts in direct contact with hot coffee… Googling plastic free machines only gave me very expensive results 🙁 The Italian way looks way healthier and those pots are cheap too!

  6. elaineg60

    I got this exact pot and Lavazza coffee grounds (the creme one). I've followed all the directions exactly, trying both with hot and cold to start with. 1. Both cups were extremely bitter & acidic-NOT what I was expecting. A splash of milk & sugar helped, but I felt like I was drinking coffee sludge rather than a smooth Italian expresso. 2. I used an electric stove so I was very concerned about burning it and turned it down shortly after it started coming up, and turned it off perhaps too early. I have the 4-cup Moka and barely got 1 cup out of it.
    If anyone has any advice, I'm open to suggestions!! 😊

  7. vahid shahraini

    woow. probably the worst way to make coffee. why? because:
    1- you shouldn't tamp down the coffee powder
    2- chamber must be poured completely to the top. if you want to change the strength of your coffe the only thing you can do is change your coffee powder. changing the amount of coffee in chamber is wrong. resulting bad taste
    3- after all, if you want creamy foam, which is very pleasing, you shoul adjust the temperature to eliminate spurting. spurting is the worst thing to spoil the flavor.
    gooood luck
    try this tips and let me know if they are useful

  8. Kurt Cybulski

    Please note: If you heat the pot and any pot for that matter on medium heat you will avoid getting those scorch or burn stains on your pots. This woman should scrub the outside of her coffee makers and do this also.that is if she would like them to look nicer. It will take a little longer to come to a boil yet it will save your pots from damage and they will last longer. I just bought new pots and pans and this was a caution the maker provided me.

  9. Russel trang

    You really must be kidding. Those are two of the most disgusting pots I've ever seen. Clean those things OMG…….

  10. KingRichard

    you want to remove it from the heat before it starts to 'sputter' at the end so you don't burn it like you did in this video. Also don't tamp it. That can cause clogs. Fill it up with finely ground coffee, twist the top on, and you're ready to go.

  11. You Had the Power All Along My Dear.’ Yahrah

    My honest opinion as a true coffee lover is that you make the most delicious coffee with this Italian coffee maker. 😊 Awesome.

  12. jmatt4life

    I have 2 of same style espresso pot both 9 cups, but it is made by La Cafetierre. It does make wonderful espresso. Set it on medium. It takes 10 minutes. I use Pilon espresso brand but will check out Illy.
    Rich espresso taste. Love it!!!

  13. Randhir Soondarsingh

    this is a terrible video, using cold water, tamping and letting the coffee blond and spurt all make the coffee bitter. plus that's the wrong size grind for a moka pot.

  14. Coffee Maker Guy

    The instruction was very simple, practical and effective. Thank you very much for making such wonderful video.

  15. Jhedan

    I have my italian coffemaker very similar to yours, mine's like 20 years old and is no longer shiny, looks really old and dull and had to replace the gasket every few years, but still makes the very best homebrewed coffee I've ever had. If you want it to really get the most out of it, never wash it with soap or scrub it, you want the natural oil from the coffee beans to stick to the cup, just rinse it after every use with water and remove any used coffee particles, in time the cup will be permanently darkened by the coffee oils but this will only add up to the flavor!


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