How To Use a Moka Pot :: Coffee Tips

A video tutorial for using a Moka Pot aka “Stovetop Espresso Maker”. This is a step by step video demonstration about how to brew coffee in a Moka Pot. These pots don’t actually brew espresso, but they do make a great cup of coffee! See the entire post and win free coffee at

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48 Replies to “How To Use a Moka Pot :: Coffee Tips”

  1. Hoang Tran

    I love this machine.>>> I had gone thru 3 before this, they were all not powerful enough to make strong double shot. The grinder is great, the strength of the shots, and the size is perfect. I can't recommend this machine enough. The gauge helps u see if ur getting a good shot or not which I like alot.

  2. dalek67

    Oh my. Adding water! Oh my man no. Make some espuma and you’ll have a cafe cubano. Add hot milk and you have a cafe con leche that’s out of this world.

  3. Walters

    Holy duck: You Tube commenters love a fight over nothing. Add water for Americano (less strong how many Americans like). Never ever add water for Italian Moka (the next best thing to Espresso). Italian and American pizza styles are entirely different and incompatible too. Maybe have it how you like it and get less stressed by others having different preferences. Smile.

  4. EMGxUSERx

    seriously add water to a perfectly good espresso? It's supposed to be served in espresso cups AS IS. Dislike from me….that is not how you use a mocha. This is supposed to be a coffee channel? SMH

  5. David W

    I seem to not find the sweet spot on my stove. too cold and the brew takes well over 5 minutes. too hot and the brew spews out very fast

  6. mohamed yousry

    i have a 6cup size can i use it with one cup only or tow cup
    when i add water i but water for one person or two person only

  7. Owen Thomas

    Thanks so much Coffee Nate! Learned so much today and you saved our caffeine addiction this morning when our stupid coffee maker broke and we only had the italian brew #youthaman

  8. ado fonconi

    Use mineral water if the tap water of your city isn't good enough. You can buy the best coffee, grind it by the moment, use a good moka pot, but have a "cicoria" (bad coffee) because of the water. I knew people from south italy bringing water from naples to the north just to make coffee.

    Little hint: less water! the water should be below the valve and lower the fire after one minute. Anyway, I refuse to comment the water adding at the end.

  9. Uzair Hanif

    just ordered sidamo.. can you tell me what blends i can make with these? options are colobian supremo, nicoragua, sumatra and guatemela.

    please reply.. thanks

  10. vickyspit

    Geez, maybe your coffee wouldn't be so rich that you need to add so much water if you didn't add 50 scoops of grounds to your pot. I have a 3 cup maker of the model you are using and I never, ever fill it that full. I fill it below the rim a bit and everything works just fine.

  11. Atash Ganvir

    Worst guide ever. First of all you never press the coffee in the moka pot and second of all you never add hot water to the espresso. Go take some serious barista lessons.

  12. Michael Schwartz

    Right around the 6:01 mark you say…" use a good ___ grinder". I can't make out the word before grinder. Could someone tell me what kind of grinder he is referring to? Thanks.

  13. Marianna Meneganti

    I am Italian, therefor the Moka Pot is sacred to me, as well as a good authentic coffee (not dirty water, coffee!).
    I almost fainted when you poured the extra hot water in the little cup of coffee. That's not Coffee anymore, that's hot water dirtied with a bit of coffee, becoming some sort of undrinkable beverage.

  14. Geordie1970mcr

    I have a 6 pot moka pot but usually prefer drinking an Americano or flat white to an espresso.  You mention mixing half coffee half water for an Americano, I'm guessing a flat white is a 1:1 ratio with warm milk.

    I reckon a 6 pot moka pot would make two mugs of Americano/Flat White coffee.  Is this right? I'm thinking that's a lot of coffee going into two drinks.

  15. drlamwor

    That Moka pot is the standard aluminium one – there's a better titanium alloy model especially for induction stoves (Dama) which should allay any fears about heating aluminum to brew the coffee also and will work with any stove or even a naked flame . 

  16. Eric Coovert

    I have 2 of these at home in 2 sizes. I will say they make great coffee but apparently, when aluminum reaches a certain temperature, it releases toxins into the food or in this case coffee which have been linked to Alzheimer's. After hearing this, I quit using my stovetop espresso makers. I'd like to hope that what I have heard is wrong since I would like to go back to using these traditional stovetop coffee pots. Can you dispel this if it is untrue or confirm it if it is true?

  17. Max Din

    Thanks.  The ending might have been caused by super dark flavor.
    Using Moka Pot, Taylors coffee ( UK, on youtube ) says:
    1)  start wt boiled water initially.  This will mean boiled water hits dry grinded coffee quickly causing an instantaneous  burst of flavor.  When using cold water, as it's heating up moister will dampen dry grinded coffee above it causing some of flavor to escape. 

    2) do not use coffee beans just grinded rather, leave it for a few hours ( well covered in a dark, sealed container).  This is b'cause freshly grinded coffee contains gas molecules which reduces flavor, once left for some hours degassing will improve ultimate flavor.  

  18. Thiago Oliveira

    Ending was a surprise… Nice instructions (coffee on the edge of the funnel was my number 2 pressure problem. number 1 would be too much heat beneath the vessel making the coffee go crazy to my kitchen walls). I'd like to suggest, when using a traditional fire stove, to put a little water in the collector to "welcome" the coffee and not letting it fall straight on the hot pot because some flames could have "escaped" the bottom edge and heat up the collector. Regards from Brazil.

  19. Cassian Andor

    Why do you double strength it and then add hot water? Why not just use the regular water to coffee grounds ratio?

  20. T Mo T

    Say I buy a 6 cup moka pot, but that I only want to make one cup. what happens if don't fill the bottom chamber to the brim?


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