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My name is Mike Jones, and I’m a barista at Third Rail Coffee right by Washington Square Park in New York City. I’m going to teach you some basic coffee-making skills.

I’m going to show you how to make a French press. First there’s a few things you’re going to need. You’re going to need some fresh coffee, preferably whole bean in which case you’ll also need a grinder. You’ll need a timer and then you’ll also need the French press. So the first thing you’re going to do is weigh out the beans. I like to use 25 grams of coffee for this size French press. Now if you don’t have a scale, you can also just do three rounded scoops. So you can go ahead and grind this coffee. So this is ground medium coarse. You can play around with the grind setting after making it a couple of times. If it’s tasting too bitter and too strong, you might be using a little bit too fine of a grind. And if it’s a little bit watery and weak, then it might be too coarse. So you take the French press, and you’re going to want to preheat it. You can either take water off a boil, have a nice water tower here. Then you let that sit for a while so it gets up to heat. Alright, so after the French press is preheated, you want to dry it out then add the grounds. Now again, I definitely recommend getting a scale, it just makes brewing coffee easier. But if you don’t have one, you just want to use about 12 and a half ounces of water for this size. So I’m going to go ahead and add the water to the French press. The first amount I’m going to add is just enough to soak the grounds at the bottom of the press. So adding that in… so just that much water there. And then just stir it around to incorporate all the grounds with the water and start the timer. And you actually just let that sit there for 30 seconds. I would also recommend covering it when you’re not doing anything to keep the heat intact. Alright, after 30 seconds you’re going to add the rest of the water. Now this is either 12 and a half ounces or 400 grams of water. Once you’ve added all of that, just give it another gentle stir. And you put the plunger on and then you’re going to let that sit until 3 and a half minutes. So after 3 and a half minutes you’re going to press the plunger down. And this is another way you can tell if you’ve ground too coarse or too fine. If it goes without any resistance, it’s going to be too coarse. And then if you have a really difficult time pressing down it’s going to be too fine. Then I recommend decanting the French press before serving, because if you leave it sitting there it will actually keep extracting and end up tasting bitter. So once you’ve done that, you can just let it cool down and it’s ready to serve.

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34 Replies to “How to Use a French Press | Perfect Coffee”

  1. Lifestyle Channel

    Very nice video, I made one video for those who can only afford to spend $5 to buy the French press pot and manual grinder. Please feel free to view and give some comments. Enjoy the coffee! 😁😁

  2. Ankit P

    This is the first food/drink recipe that I've seen in my life that needs a kitchen timer as an ingredient…

    Food is definitely an art…

  3. C Barbs

    When I saw they were asking some 20 year old in New York how to make coffee, I knew it was going to be pretentious

  4. ecentballer1

    He's claim's he's a what? I guess i need to start addressing the Dunkin donut teens by barista. My bad bro.

  5. S.S.MUZE. Production

    Yea, I only have a limited time in the morning to make my french press and dont have all this equipment to make it. This is complete overkill in making simple french press coffee.

  6. Pastor Ava

    Little boy, why in the world are you making it look like it's brain surgery. Just make the doggone coffee and move on

  7. Mia Henderson

    Lol I only really have iced coffee ,( or iced latte) I just put instant coffee in a mug, a couple cm of hot water, add coffee syrup and sweetener ( or sugar but sweetener is healthier I think) then add milk and ice. It’s soooo goodddd.

  8. c c

    I pour coffee from a bag pre ground beans then put them in pot pour hot water wait until water is black and press then pour add milk suger done

  9. peter still

    French press. Some French guy invented it in the 60s, the French tried it and hated it, that’s why they stopped using it in the 70s. Obviously it was not marketed to the French as the French press. Since then, they had to rebrand it as French and export it to the British and to the Americans. For many smart guys, the key word in French press is press. It gives body builders the impression they’re still pumping iron. The result is a mediocre coffee that has a lot of small particles in it. Disgusting. Filter coffee does a better job. Otherwise get an expresso machine like everyone else.

  10. Sora Pham

    1. Put ground coffee in the French press.
    2. Put cold/room temperature water (DO NOT PRESS the French press down.)
    3. Wait 12/24 hours in the fridge (12 for light, 24 for dark, more flavour, and caffeine, after you let it sit, take it out and then press it.)
    4. Put some ice in your cup, pour the cold brew, add sweetener.

    Enjoy an EASIER way to make cold brewed coffee.

    Honestly, if you don’t have the time and the French press, use the freaking coffee machine and brew some. Let it sit in the fridge for 1 hours, add ice and sweetener.

    If you don’t even have the coffee machine…why are you even here? (Even though traditional coffee making works too.)

    We don’t gotta be all professional every day right?

  11. HW Geez

    So sad people are hating on this guy, every step he mentioned has a reason, he just didn't explain it so you guys don't understand and think it is a waste of time. Measuring with a scale because coffee beans even with the same volume can have different weight due to the roasting level, if you don't weigh, the taste may comes out different every time. He let it sit for 30 seconds and this is called blooming, because they need to let the carbon dioxide inside the beans to escape first before pressing, otherwise it will affect the extraction. He decant it because sitting for too long will make it too strong. If you can't finish it at once, it's better to decant first. I know for people who is at home will think this is way too many steps, but for a barista, quality consistency is important and all these steps are just to make sure the coffee taste consistent which is very crucial for the business. All this extra information is just to help you make better coffee, but he just didn't explain the reason behind.


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