35 Replies to “How to prepare the perfect moka – illy videorecipes”

  1. Mitchell W

    So I'm not supposed to set it to full like you boil a kettle? Glad I saw this I think I've been doing it wrong for a while

  2. neil bercasio

    okay… presssure builds up… basically same as how a bong works in reverse more or something.. theoretically.. hypothetically 🤔

  3. Robi Sofiyulloh

    illy, this is a great video,

    sorry, how to make this animation video? can you help me?
    i have to make the animation video with water flow,

    thank you,

  4. Rey Devega

    Why don't you want to squash the ground coffee? I squashed the coffee and the following is the result: 1. It takes longer to brew but not significantly long. 2. The coffee comes out very Clean and dark and not murky (I use dark roast) 3. No trace of coffee Debre at bottom of the pot.
    Seems to me that by squashing the coffee ground it gets filtered better that it would if it wasn't squashed.
    I just want to know why not? Thank you.

  5. AdrS

    When i make cofee i do not wait for the sound to occur, beacuse it will be sour. In my experience the best way is to smell the extract, when it turns yellowish or transparent it is to late. Just pour it fast when there is a sour smell. The next thing is heat level which should be minimal to boil. The extract goes very slowly but is black as hell and very aromatic. Just my experience.

  6. József Porohnavec

    you should turn off the heat when the water reaches 100 °C (starts making noises), otherwise you burn the coffee.
    great video anyway.

  7. illy

    Haven't prepared coffee with a Moka pot but want to learn the basics to start? Watch this brief instructional video:

  8. Paolo Bacchi

    questa è la dimostrazione che non tutto quello che viene fatto in 3d è bello…una ripresa di una persona che con voce calda e sicura spiega come si fa il caffè avrebbe sicuramente trasmesso un senso di appartenenza, di calore umano, di tradizione che si nasconde dietro al caffe all italiana. questo è unvideo freddo e distaccato per di piu senza audio.. bah!

  9. docforven

    Great video. Few questions: (1) does this only work with fine ground coffee typically used to make espresso? (2) can it be used to make normal strength coffee? Thanks! Great channel!

  10. Deepbeatu2

    Just clean the moka after using it (soon, not the day after).If u don't use it for a long time (like one week) the first time u reuse it make one moka only with water. Another important thing that the video doesn't say is that the water MUST be cold and the flame really low. bye!

  11. Panzer

    hello , in order to make an espresso with a moka ( brikka) which coffee should i use?
    is the " illy ESPRESSO ground coffee MEDIUM ROAST " ok?


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