How to practice latte art at home

Latte Art techniques & Barista Skills

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42 Replies to “How to practice latte art at home”

  1. Adam Last

    Dear Dritan,
    I'm one of your customers in your Cafe.
    Now, im enjoying your video from home.
    I will join to your school in future .
    Thank you for your lesson today.

  2. Enigma 01

    Ouppps …so cute together by the way …. and happy to see I am not the only one having trouble being successful 😉

  3. Enigma 01

    This is sooooo frustrating …. it looks so easy and when I do it … disaster ! Will try this tomorrow …. Thanks so much …. 💕

  4. avito lourenco

    What type of coffee power to use? Can I use regular nascafe, its weird how the milk does not become brown and the powder and the milk do not mix

  5. Lenovo Lenovo

    wish you happiness, Looking forward for your wedding video on YouTube 🌺🌺 🌺 stay safe everything will be ok Inshalah

  6. cleotuner

    Da para treinar latte art com cafe usado passado ai aou invés de jogalo fora guarde-o e esquentar agua e acrescentar 2 gotas de detergente de louças e usar na cremeira prensa francesa, a testura fica igual e da para treinar sem ter disperdicio de alimentos, traduza no google tradutor "portugues"


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