How to Make Vietnamese Coffee – 3 Ways (Hot, Iced & Shaken)

This recipe for Vietnamese iced coffee and hot coffee is both easy and delicious, and incorporates the traditional flavors of Vietnam.★FULL RECIPE & TIPS at: Vietnamese coffee is typically made with dark, french roast, Robusta grounds. It’s brewed using a “phin”, a small coffee filter that’s placed over a glass, then filled with grounds and hot water. The coffee then drips down into the glass below. Sweetened condensed milk is added to the hot coffee to create a lovely balance of bitter and sweet. In this video, we’ll show you how to make three variations of Vietnamese coffee:- Vietnamese Hot Coffee (ca phe sua or ca phe nau)- Vietnamese Iced Coffee (ca phe sua da or cafe sua da)- Shaken Vietnamese Iced CoffeeFTC – This is not a sponsored video.vietnamese coffee,vietnamese iced coffee,vietnam,coffee,ca phe sua da,cafe sua da,cach pha ca phe,coffee recipe,coffee recipes,how to make vietnamese coffee,how to make vietnamese iced coffee,vietnamese coffee recipe,vietnamese iced coffee recipe,Cafe du Monde,Trung Nguyen,vietnamese,phin,Cà phê sữa đá,vietnamese food,iced coffee,mokabees,vietnamese ice coffee,cooking (interest)

32 Replies to “How to Make Vietnamese Coffee – 3 Ways (Hot, Iced & Shaken)”

  1. Dark Fairy

    Now I know for sure that I would need to get the right coffee and kitchen appliance in order to get this drink without going to a Vietnamese Café to get it, because it’s less pricey just to get 1 cup. When you make it, you’re in charge of what happens with said coffee! Vietnamese coffee looks so delicious!

  2. Michael Balfour

    MokaBees are correct in saying that the gravity filter and the screw filter work equally well. The screw filters are sometimes made quite shoddily and as a result the inner screw will eventually break off. If that happens just continue using it like a gravity filter. Furthermore, you don't have to use sweetened condensed milk. You can just make the coffee black and drink it black if you like, or add regular milk and make it like a flat white. These Vietnamese coffee filters are so good at making coffee that the resultant coffee is almost as good as coffee at a café or restaurant, I really recommend them.

  3. kaylashalaylaaaaa

    okay i use mine with 2-4 tablespoons depending on hot or iced…. a way to make many more cups with a single cup server!

  4. Cham _boc

    how to make Vietnamese coffe
    iced milked coffe
    Coffe + Codesed milk stirring on ice 🙂
    Black coffe with ice
    Coffe + Sugar stirring on ice 🙂

  5. George von Housen

    love the coffee, I am a coffee person. the music is just as great, has me bouncing off the walls. nice job

  6. Ngan Phan

    I think first you should place your empty Phin (filter) on a paper towel. Then fill the coffee powder in. slightly shake the Phin so that the powder surface is flat. then press the coffee powder down with the pressing part. Then lift the Phin up. Clean the bottom because fine coffee powder can go through the tiny holes (very little but this is important). now you can place the Phin filled with coffee powder on your cup and add hot water in to it. To best extract the coffee liquid from the powder, you should add just a little bit of hot water first, close the lit and wait for a few mins. This step is to make the coffee powder to absorb the hot water and expand. Then fill more hot water to the full level. Your expresso will slowly drip. Otherwise, you are just pouring hot water into your cup through the Phin because you don't give it time for the coffee powder to release its richness in hot water.

  7. dirtridermag44

    Nicely done. I have both the screw and gravity models. Just watching your video makes me want to drag them out and heat em up!! Also enjoyed the music. Thank you

  8. Lynn Lai

    Viet coffee is VERY strong so be careful if you're sensitive to caffeine. Remember, if you order a Vietnamese iced coffee (ca phe sua da) from a restaurant, let it melt down a bit to mellow out the flavor :]

  9. ExtraordinaryLiving

    So, since in America we can get arabica beans, and it is a lot less bitter, then I figure I can skip the condensed milk, which is basically using the Phin to make a very strong cup of coffee (not a Vietnamese coffee, I guess.) 😉

  10. Viet Tran Phuoc

    Great video! But it's too much condensed milk for a standard "brown" coffee in Vietnam. (We call coffee without milk as black coffee)
    You should use half or 1/3 of that in the video.

  11. Gwen Asayas

    Thank you mokabees! I went to a vietnamese restaurant that served this coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it float style and I just HAD to know how to make this delicious bitter-sweet coffee! Now I have to buy this type of filter soon.

  12. Nastia Armilde

    It looks delicious, unfortunately, I'm allergic to anything that has milk : (
    But I might make this coffee drink to my family one day. Thank you for making these tutorials of coffee from around the world, I probably would't have found these kind of videos with this quality somewhere else : )

  13. azri radzi

    Now I know that filter name is Phin.. I got one together with the same Trung Nguyen ground coffee.. I used a bit more coffee since I was told mine was not that strong (I think they have couple variety – and I just want to try it out). The ice coffee looks delicious.

  14. Hang eroo

    I have an affinity towards Vietnamese coffee since I grew up drinking it. Nothing like a hot day and a cold glass of Vietnamese iced coffee. I love how informative and detail-oriented you really are when giving background information on the recipe. I always learn something from watching your videos. Thanks all the time and effort you put into your videos!


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