How to make Traditional Italian espresso coffee.

I am going to show you step by step instructions on how to make traditional italian espresso using a caffettiera or moka express. I will tell you how to use each part and how long to leave it on and what to listen for so that you understand the art of italian coffee making. I use a bialetti espresso maker to make truly delicious genuine italian coffee.

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39 Replies to “How to make Traditional Italian espresso coffee.”

  1. Paul Fogarty

    The biggest diffeeance I notice between the quality Italian moka and the cheapo version is the screw thread. The Italian one is nice and smooth with a round profile but the cheapo one has sharp profile / rough threads that grind when you tighten the moka.
    Also the handle in the cheap one is usually very flimsy and low temp light plastic.

  2. Philip Taylor

    Haha. Leave it to the Aussie to add liquor to his coffee (I’m assuming you are Australian). Aussie ‘s know how to get it done

  3. Roberto Orsi

    This is a moka coffe that we make at home with Bialetti device. It's not possible to make a perfect espresso at home.

  4. Ytanythinggoes

    Thank you for your video, I will be looking to try the Italian coffee for sure, I love different culture experiences , Turkish and creek coffee and Bosnian all have there own way and style of making there own coffees ,I love them all . Cheers .

  5. Stu Hall

    I was waiting for the spurt at the end lol. I do always call these a Moka Pot I have one and love it. Thanks for Vid from down under mate 🙂

  6. Chase Engel

    My dumbass thought it would boil faster and the thing freaking exploded!! R.I.P

  7. live that life

    Motoguzzler i just want to thank you sooo much for this video my aunt passed away almost 3 years ago and when we cleaned her house she had one of those. It has just been sitting on my table just collected dust. I was going to throw it away or give it away. I found your video by accident so thank you soo much.

  8. Ron77A

    I agree on not pressing the coffee down as it expands anyway . Also like you show, keep the handle away from the burner

  9. z3r0x0

    There are so many people here in the comments who think they know best about how to make coffee. Just shut up and let people make coffee how they want to.

  10. Vlog Central

    That's not a cafetière this a moka espresso pot a caffetiere also known as a French press uses coffee grinds topped with hot water steeped around 4 minutes and plunged down by hand to lower the grinds to the bottom of the pot leaving fresh coffee at the top of the top of your going to do a video don't use the wrong name for the wrong piece of equipment two completely different methods you will confuse people


    I've jade one of these for number of years watching your video just dug it out of the kitchen unit I was going too buy an espresso machine thanks for the video


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