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How to make Perfect Coffee with Moka Pot (interactive video) by

Moka Pot coffee is a Traditional Italian way to brew espresso-like coffee on the Stovetop.

– Moka Pot
– fresh Coffee Beans
– cold Water
– Coffee Grinder
– Heat Source
– Coffee Mug or two 🙂

– Bodum Chambord Stainless-Steel Stovetop Espresso Maker
– Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder
– Starbucks Kenya medium roast Coffee
– Bodum Bistro Double-Wall mugs

Simple Steps to make perfect espresso-like Coffee with Moka Pot:
1. Grind the Beans
2. Add water
3. Add Coffee
4. Screw Pot into the base
5. Heat the Pot
6. Keep Eye on brewing
7. Pour your Coffee
8. Enjoy 🙂

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Enjoy your cup,

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23 Replies to “How to make Perfect Moka Pot espresso-like Coffee (interactive video) | Home Barista”

  1. Boiko Petrov

    Too much water too little coffee for my taste…I gots to pack mine tighter…but on the other hand I dont mix my coffee with milk products

  2. Gary Johnson

    They torture people at Guantanamo Bay by playing the same 30 second riff over and over. At least make the cut longer; or vary the music.

  3. Jimmy Murphy

    Love the catchy Tune. Sounds like "Fun" background Italian Water Torture Music while you're waitin' for your Brew to boil.

  4. Jose L Romero

    For better tasting coffee use hot water (this also makes the process faster) and remove the pot from the heat when the liquid turns light brown. And as in the video remember to FILL the basket

  5. Selene Ravenmoon

    When i was little; my mom had something like that but it stood in the pot and you had a little glass bubble on top to watch the brew…I can still hear it…Gosh the memories it bring…


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