How to Make PERFECT Moka Pot Coffee Every Time

If your Moka Pot Coffee is dull or bitter, it might be because you’re doing it wrong. Get some great coffee beans and your Moka Pot and make some amazing coffee with this coffee tutorial.

Sidewalk Coffee Roastery, Cambridge:

Top Rated Moka Pot on Amazon (Affil):

Hario Hand Grinder on Amazon (Affil):

Big thanks to Audionautix for the music:
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31 Replies to “How to Make PERFECT Moka Pot Coffee Every Time”

  1. karen zhang

    My coffee doesn’t bubble out like that—it sputters in erratic spurts and is very messy. Am I doing something wrong?
    And am I supposed to have water left over at the bottom?

  2. dick turpin

    That coffee was bitter as fuck.. 🤣
    I was bought one of these as I love my coffee(instant variety) ..or so I thought..
    I made a couple of coffees as I would an instant coffee, an fuck me it was undrinkable! The bitterness was off the scale absolutely disgusting hahaha. I've since learned a low heat, with hot water to start with.. but I make 3 to 1 ratio 3 part hot milk to 1 part coffee. All you coffee aficionados dont hate me. That pure coffee is as hard as drinking cheap whiskey!🤣 although the coffee I bought probably wasnt the best either. Gonna try some other brand of coffee though and see if theres a difference

  3. Big Cee

    Why cool the pot under water when you can pour the coffee immediately into a cup? Seems like that accomplished the same thing.

  4. Mohamadreza Mehrjou

    One question: sometimes I don’t know why, the hot water won’t come up no matter what i do. What’s the problem?

  5. Joshua V

    I get a lot of sediment in my Moka Pot. I prefer the flavor from the Moka Pot but my wife won’t drink it because of the sediment. So instead of making two batches of coffee I just make drip. Is there a way to help with the sediment? I’ve tried an espresso grind, whatever BRCC uses (my go to coffee), as well as some custom grounds from my local grocer. All result in sediment, the espresso being the worst.

  6. Alexus TM

    Well, I saw that Bialetti Brikka makes more cream!
    And for Moka Pot u should grind the beans at medium size granules!

  7. Kit M

    None of the moka pot videos mention which type of roast is best. In all of them, the ground coffee looks a lot lighter brown than mine, so I'm guessing a medium roast? I've been using dark roasts (whole bean) so even though I've done exactly what you did here (except I heat the hot water on a very low heat so it doesn't violently spray out like that), it's still very very bitter. So I'll give a medium roast a try.

  8. Amanda S

    0:27  it's really good for a "pick me up when u go out the door in the morning"  hmmm?  he should be more careful going out the door 🙂

  9. Mario Cartolano

    I agree with most of the comments. You DO NOT want the bubble/gurgle to happen. I do start with boiling water in the bottom but I only put it on a medium/high heat on the stove top. This creates a slightly longer but lower temp extraction, and as SOON as you see it start to bow out (the streams on either side) take it off immediately, shut the lid and run it under cold water.

  10. einstini15

    Few more questions. What ratio of coffee to water? what grind size? Like if espresso is 1 and drip is 10… where should the grind be?

  11. maui mikey

    Buy a Helor 101 hand grinder
    It grinds so quickly!! It's expensive but so worth it! I had a hario mill grinder and it took forever!

  12. Pierrot from Mexico

    I have Hario mini too and I use it with max cliks on it(I tasted my coffee with medium grind, 3/4 grind and max clicks and I prefer the taste with the last one), after that I do almost the same process like you. First I put water for 2 minutes in the microwave, I put frying pan on high heat on the stove, fill the moka boiler and put on hot frying pan, after that in one minute I get my coffee ready. I use coffee Solemnus from Veracruz and Rizoma made by manos indigenas from Chiapas. Tasty!! I love my grinder and the moka pot!! Nice tutorial sidewalk coffee!!

  13. Pau Strange

    Thanks for the video, it's very helpful, specially the tip about using hot water (the bialetti manual said cold but it ends up being TOO bitter for me). I was also wondering about how to get the crema but I just read your comment about the beans being fresh for that!

  14. chilopilo

    The bubbling/gurgling at the end is very detrimental to the flavor of the coffee. I would use a lower heat. With practice I learned how much coffee fills the pot, and I pull the pot off the heat before it gets to that point and run it under cool water. Also sometimes I pull the pot halfway through and drink that.. talk about strong :).

  15. Abli1875

    First don't take the machine off the element while the coffee is still coming up! Second, you didn't put enough grinds LOL you can see through the coffee which means the espresso is week hahahahaha made for Canadians😂

  16. Matemáticas Financieras

    Hello, nice video. Is that a 3 cup moka pot? it's enought for one person, or should i buy a 6 cup? thanks.

  17. poserleader

    Whenever my moka pot start to gurgle, I took it off the stove, but the result is almost half of leftover water is left in the water chamber,, is it normal??


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