How to Make Moka Pot Coffee & Espresso – The BEST Way (Tutorial)

A Moka Pot guide for making coffee with espresso-like flavor at home. Perfect for lattes and espresso-based drinks. Visit my website for the complete moka pot guide:♥ We love to hear from you! ♥ Please feel free to ask questions and share your own experiences.Video features a 1-cup moka pot (single-serving) by Bialetti, but instructions are basically the same no matter what brand you use. Larger units take a bit longer to heat up. Pre-boiled water can be used to speed things up.Visit my website at for more information and coffee tutorials.Music: “Carefree” by Kevin MacLeod. Visit Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license: FTC – This is not a sponsored video.moka pot,coffee,espresso,Food (TV Genre),How-to (Website Category),coffee pot,mokabees,Tutorial (Media Genre),Guide,Espresso,best,instructions,demonstration,stove-top,how to brew coffee,coffee tutorial,Bialetti,Express,italian,percolator,Cooking (Interest),how to make stove top espresso,how to make coffee with a moka pot,how to use moka pot,moka pot espresso,moka pot instructions,Tips,stove-top espresso,espresso without a machine,how to make espresso at home

50 Replies to “How to Make Moka Pot Coffee & Espresso – The BEST Way (Tutorial)”

  1. Dante Virgilio

    I'm italian and i can give you some tips since in Italy we use mokas every day:
    1. When you put the coffee in the funnel you don't need to do it separated from the base and it's better to make a little "mountain" of coffee without pressing it, after you have to close the moka thing.
    2. If you have time is good to start with high temperature and turn to the minimum when the coffee starts to came out.
    3. You don't really need to do the cold towel stuff at the end.
    4. If the moka is new make 2 or 3 coffe without drinking it.

    I hope i've been helpful 🙂

  2. Robert Eisenbach

    Thank you for the helpful video! The right coffee is also important. I use coffee from Lorenzotti Italy, they have coffee which is ground specific for Moka Pot's.

  3. Skeptical Shooter

    Should you aim to get 100% of the water from the lower chamber to rise through, or do you stop (cool off) the brew before it gets that far along?

  4. Neyko Dimov

    Great video. I had to double check a few times I wasn't high as everything was going very slowly and smoothly :))
    Thank you

  5. Nelson Lopez

    This is very helpful. This reminds me of my “Grandparents”. They would use this all the time. Now I know how to use one again. You sir have a new subscriber. Keep up the great work.

  6. feisarino abitama

    hello! thank you for making this video, i was actually planning on giving a moka pot for my father as a present.
    if i may ask, what is the size of your moka pot? because at my local store they actually have 3 sizes; 50,150, and 300ml.
    thanks in advance 🙂

  7. สุดาพร ทะนันไชย

    This is the most helpful video about how to use Moka pot. I love when you pour and make take 2. I always make the same mistake …ha ha ha.
    You cover all the important imformations.
    Thanks a lot. Now I know that every day I set up too high heat.

  8. Gouki

    Good video, but I have a question. How can we make perfectly qualified "espresso" in homes. Is it not possible without espresso making machines?

  9. saneasmydog

    We did exactly the same process as you shown on our newly acquired Bialetti so many times, but coffee is spilling out from everywhere. Then we realised its a fake buy from China’s online website

  10. be pacman

    Nice and it is technically an espresso how it used to be done!! For better taste heat up water separately once at boiling fill the base of the pot like video shows and use medium to light roasted coffee you will then get the correct vintage espresso!!

  11. Igor Mazej

    How can cold towel stops brewing if coffee is already made lol? In water chamber there is no more water once coffee is made. How can you pervent burnt flavor with this also? 😀

  12. CE

    I just purchased ground coffee for espresso to use on the Bialetti. Can anyone know if this is really necessary? Like can't I just use regular grounded coffee.?

  13. Jennifer Elizabeth Brown

    My espresso came out perfect 👌🏻with help from this video. Thank you!!! ☕️☕️☕️

  14. Daniel Lafleur

    I usually drink a cup or mug of black coffee… if i use this moka pot, would i be making only a 1.5oz shot? Or do i add boiling water to the shot to make it a cup? Or would this dilute the flavor?

  15. Henk Spierings

    This is good but this pot doesn’t put out enough coffee to wake up a budgerigar. I use a 4 cup pot just for me.

  16. joz119

    Great video very informative with humour 👍.
    I'm new to all of this coffee making business lol.
    Can you recommend what shop brought coffee is best to use please to start of with? as I'm not grinding my own yet 😎.



  17. DJ Hayes

    Excellent video, really helped me today in my novice experience with "espresso". Came out great. Video was solid, straight to the point with a little humor, thanks!


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