How to Make Irish Coffee – Recipe

We cover how to make Irish Coffee at home traditional-style with this easy video recipe featuring Irish Whiskey. This beloved coffee cocktail will warm you from the inside-out.

Visit for the full recipe, photos, and additional tips for making great Irish Coffee:

The internet is full of Irish Coffee recipes, most of them claiming to be the most “authentic” or “original” version. And each of those posts often ends with a section of irate commenters, eager to explain how the author is doing it wrong.

So it’s with great trepidation that I’m sharing my take on Irish Coffee. I make no claims that this is the most authentic recipe. But I can tell you that it’s tediously tested, follows most traditional guidelines, and tastes delicious.

Visit our website (link above) for answers to the following questions about Irish Coffee:
• How should I brew the coffee?
• I’ve never used a French Press. How do I brew coffee with one?
• Can or should I use espresso?
• Can I use a different kind of sugar?
• Can I use a different liquor?
• Can I use pre-made whipped cream?
• Why don’t you set the whiskey on fire?
• Why don’t you pre-dilute the sugar on a stovetop?

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13 Replies to “How to Make Irish Coffee – Recipe”

  1. Doodah Gurl

    Yum! I can use a mug of that right now. You did a great job on this video like you do on all your videos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wen M.

    Hi, just saw most of your videos and I'm now a BIG FAN. I enjoy how simple and easy your recipes are, Thank You. Request, can you please do a video on the best way to store coffee grinds and beans, and is it okay to store in freezer? What is the Best storage container, where is the best place to store? Sorry 4 so many questions. Again love your videos.


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