How to make cappuccino at home

Please watch: “How to make coffee art”


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30 Replies to “How to make cappuccino at home”

  1. liquidiceyt

    0:21 Wow,… There is no way you can make a proper espresso from a mokapot?? The moka only gives around 1-2 bars of pressure, while you need 6-9 bars of pressure to make an espresso. cmiiw.

  2. Ivan Radonjić

    Hi Dritan.

    Greetings from Montenegro.

    I've been trying to make latte art for a month, but I can not do it..

    I have Moka pot, milk 3.8% fat, milk jug. I use electric milk frother like this

    Is it better to use french press to froth milk? I don't have pro steaming machine. 🙂 Any advice is welcome.


  3. Predrag Jovanchev

    Hello Dritan. In your hands everything seems possible. Even with very simple equipment your work and results are amazing. Congratulations and thanks for sharing with us.
    Hope some day will have chance to come to Dusseldorf and try your cappuccino.
    Best regards from Macedonia

  4. amiir siamian

    Hello dear barista😊 I make spresso coffee with mocha but it is not light..its between black and brown..without light foam of spresso on the top of the coffee. Why?

  5. Mohamed Hesham

    Wow…you are a great Barista
    ….i would like you to make an event in Egypt…my greetings from Cairo😀😍😍

  6. nuovosalario

    Nice video, I'm experimenting a lot using a Moka brikka and a French press. I'm having mixed results, but I have a question: even when I manage to get nice latte art, the foam on top is quite "weak", meaning that if I use a spoon or dip a croissant in it tends to partially disappear leaving the liquid coffee on the surface. Is there a way to achieve a more resistant microfoam on top, like at the bar, using these tools?

  7. kelvin tan

    Guys..any advice on how to properly froth the milk?….I did froth the milk using the french press, but I ended up making the milk to thick in texture. So when I poured the milk….It was just like the whole foam covering the espresso under it. And it became all white and foamy

  8. mantau men

    Is it normal to have leftover like 1/3 water of mokapot in down there after heat up and pour to glass? Or my methode false, thankyou


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