How To Make Better Coffee with a Moka Pot | ECT Weekly #025

Learn to brew better coffee with a moka pot. It is very simple, just use fresh coffee, hot water and keep your moka pot clean!

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22 Replies to “How To Make Better Coffee with a Moka Pot | ECT Weekly #025”

  1. Nathan Fisher

    Fantastic video! Haven't used my moka pot in forever due to bitter, gritty coffee. This morning I did I deep clean on my moka pot and used the process you recommend and got a great cup of coffee.

  2. Delilah Weeks

    Just purchased my first Moka Pot and wow, this video was so helpful — thanks!! I chose the Alessi 9090 🙂

  3. Malkyvich

    I find a finer than drip grind best for me with cold water and a low heat. Depending on the coffee type I modify the grind.

  4. Peter Parker

    Thank you for debunking the myth that Moka pots don't need to be cleaned! One time a friend made me coffee with his Moka pot, which he proudly claimed never to have washed, and the coffee tasted so rancid I gagged.

  5. Kenishachan

    I'm a little confused for the grind size that matches the moka pot. I use fine size in the first two experiments. Apparently, I can taste the coffee residue in the final result.

    After watching this tutorial, I will try again with a medium-fine size. Or, until I find the right grind size 😃😃

    And hopefully I will always remember to wash my moka pot after I use it.

  6. Ricardo Perez

    Hi! thanks for the video! I just got a Moka Pot and definitely will follow the instructions. I wanted to ask, what type of stove is the one you use in the video!? it is awesome!

  7. dan petrisor

    That's a great video, thanks! I've started using a moka pot again. As a trick, if you want to have a clearer coffee you can add an aeropress paper filter at the bottom of the upper part, before screwing it to the bottom part. For 1 cup moka pot it fits perfect.

  8. Benjinater 066

    Every single video on this thing is like, "everyone hates it, but they just dont know how to use it. Here's how to do it right with just a little extra effort." But if it's so hard to master why should I try at all? It dosent make a better cup of coffee than other methods by any means

  9. Chinese Food Productions

    Hey guys! Your video was recommended to me and I'm so glad I watched the whole thing. I also have a coffee video on my channel and your video was a big inspiration.

  10. 8233Eire

    Cooling with a cloth or cold water is utter garbage! Just imagine stating that in a Sales Promotion; you'd be lucky to sell one!

  11. Jose Díaz

    I just hammer some coffee beans and mix it with hot water, and take the coffee residue with a spoon, voila, top quality coffee


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