How to Make Better Coffee than Starbucks for Half the Price!

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37 Replies to “How to Make Better Coffee than Starbucks for Half the Price!”

  1. eric jessee

    I did not pay attention to date at start of viewing . Love the coffee primer , just the dour somber demeanor threw me , until I caught date. He is such a pro now, genteel , polite and intelligent humor

  2. Tiago Bristot

    God, TGV you look like you just got out of a hunger strike, the difference between you today, and in this video is huge, you pass a message of a much more fulfilled person today, Congrats for it ,i know how hard can it be sometimes. Cheers from Brazil!

  3. Saenz33

    You should do an updated video on this! Would like to know if you have changed anything on your regiment. Coffee changes its quality every now and then

  4. Alex B

    Fill water to the valve point, not higher. No need to push the coffee down whatsoever, not even with the spoon, as this can cause the moka to explode. Plus make a little hill with the coffee.

    From a family of Sicilians 🙂

  5. Anthony Casella

    I don't know why and how. But I started watching some of your videos about watches and the way you explain things it's just amazing. Before buying the Sea-Gull (skeleton model) I watched a video you posted some time ago so I bought it straightway. Then in another video you talked about the Accutron watch, the way you described it was so true, so I bought also that one. Now I am watching you making coffee with the same Moka Bialetti I am using here in Tokyo every morning and I don't know, feels like we have many things in common even if I don't know you.
    Actually I am from Italy but living in Japan so this coffee costs me some money but it's totally worth it! Anyway, I just wanted to say you are great! Wish you the best with your channel 🙂

  6. Azael Contreras

    At what age did you start drinking coffee, I’m 17 now and I prefer it black with sugar. But.. like I get gas 😂 so I never drink it. So like when did you start really loving coffee?

  7. Peder Lindström

    I tried that brand of coffee but not the maker, very good.
    I agree with you TGV, it's the little things that makes life worth living.

  8. jim feldman

    2019 here…Fun watching how much you've evolved both technically and your camera presence. Tips on the Moka pot: fill to just under the overpressure valve and you may want to pull the pot off the heat before it goes full steam. If you're in NYC, the Brooklyn Roasting Company Mocha Java makes incredible espresso.

  9. Parikesit Tanudjaja

    Say TGV what if you remake this video with your now-self? 😁. I'd love to see this being presented by the TGV I know today. Anyway, quality content!! 👍👍👍

  10. Mark Gilbert

    Sorry TGV couldn't disagree more. These types of coffee maker burn the coffee when the boiling steam transfers from the bottom chamber through the coffee to the top and kill the flavour. Sorry fella but thats just a waste of good coffee. you simply cannot beat a proper espresso maker which will also give you the correct crema top too. otherwise love the show.

  11. Suan Pailom Coffee Roasting

    After your email the other day, I decided to go back in time and check your previous videos. This one is especially fun for me TGV.
    Enjoy your morning coffee… can I suggest you switch to whole beans and grind them fresh every morning…. you will not be disappointed. 🙂
    Dapper Shawn.

  12. Stephen Lambrecht

    Appreciate your insights, but…
    I have gone down that road and ended up selecting my own green coffees, created blends and fresh roast them in house. Allow 4-6 days after roasting for the beans to degas in a non sealed container and grind fresh immediately before brewing.
    Grinding is the single most important step for coffee flavor. I use a Ceado stepless grinder for espresso and a Rancilio medium grind for drip coffee. Bonavita makes a fine drip brewer =ing MochaMaster, 40g roast coffee/.8L water. Espresso is more science. I use 19.3g ground for a 25 sec extraction yielding 38-40g in the cup. Espresso machine is Rocket Espresso Mazzafiato from Milano. Steamed 1/2 & 1/2 gives excellent product for any milk drinks. This is a commercial machine scaled to home use. It is 65 lbs of Italian beauty and muscle. Roaster is a Gene Cafe CBR-101 with temp and time adjustable on the fly. Put 240g green beans in hopper after preheating. I use 8 min@375 to dry and 1st caramelization, 424@4min for 2nd caramelization and 454@90 sec after 1st crack. Dump beans immediately into colander and take outside to cool rapidly. Pouring beans from colander to colander will remove chaff and rapidly cool the beans. After 4-6 days store in sealed container and enjoy freshest coffee you have ever had.
    LavAzza whole bean SuperCrema is a consistent high quality drink. New Scan Cooking had a show dedicated to Scandinavian love of coffee. They sited Ethiopian, Guatemalan, Colombian, Brazilian and Costa Rican beans with the correct roast give the best coffee. Brazilian beans are fermented in the husk during air drying imparting a special chemistry that help accentuate flavors from the other washed beans in the blend. Without the Brazilian bean those flavors are missed.
    Had a team of skiers here this winter and they loved having their own barista make coffee and meals for them. Alta and Snow Bird are a short drive away
    Here's Java Jive for all.

  13. MidEnginedFan

    1) Ya need to start with a watch check.
    2) The video was a bit…well, not as polished as what I'm used to.
    3) Agreed, there is better commercial café coffee out there (Peet's, Dutch Bros) but it really comes down to bean type (I like Sumatra), roasting, freshness of grind, and water temp & pour. It's a freakin' science out here in the Pacific northwest!

  14. Simon Hodgetts

    Great film – I drink Lavazza Rosso from a stove top coffee pot (not a Bialetti sadly) every day and it’s the highlight of my morning! I’ve tried other coffees (Illy especially), but I always go back to Lavazza – some coffee snobs hate it, but it works for me.

  15. __gaijin_

    "crema e gusto" my favorite Lavazza! Lavazza great coffee. My second in line is Kimbo coffee always Italian coffee. Bialetti is the best for sure! "E se non e' lavazza, che piacere e''" from a famous Italian commercial!

  16. Tony B

    Thought I would find TGV’s earliest vid that I could. Wow very interesting. I love my Bialetti so this is great to see…and I love seeing how the presentation and content has matured. Love your work. Bravissimo e Gracie.


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