How to make amazing Moka Pot coffee | Step by step

Ciao a tutti!
In this video I will show you how Italians make coffee at home with the Moka. ☕️
If you have any questions about it, leave a comment below.
A presto!👋🏻🇮🇹

#MokaCoffee #Coffee #Italy

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13 Replies to “How to make amazing Moka Pot coffee | Step by step”

  1. Capnblinski

    Have to admit I didn't watch this at first because of the tutorial. 😉 As a US Navy vet, I spent some time in Venice and Naples, where I had my first espresso. Man that was strong stuff for a 19 year old lol. So, I just got a moka pot and am getting into the crazy world of coffee. Great vid!

  2. KarnmanGT500

    Dispiacente per mio italiano. Sto imperando con duolingo e "google translate" e le tue videos 😅😅😅

    Mi piacciono le tue videos Francesca 🙂 Ho una demanda sui chicchi di caffe! Premete il polvere di espresso nella moka? Somebody once told me it would clog the moka pot if I did that D:

  3. thepurpledoll

    Love this video! I love coffee and have been considering buying a moka pot. It's helpful to know how to make moka pot coffee from an Italian! 😍 I would love to enjoy cappuccino at home. Though since I usually can't be bothered to froth the milk, I always end up with latte instead. Haha! Anyway, I hope to see more uploads from you about Italian lifestyle. It's something I'll be very interested in. More power to you and your channel!

  4. Marina Parmigiani

    This video is very interesting! Good job Francesca! I hope to see many others about Italian lifestyle!

  5. MTB Nomad

    So its called a Moka in Italy? In Spain it’s a cafetera. Anyway, thanks for sharing the channel on the iTG page.

  6. Tina Jones-Jovanovic

    Bravo Chica!! I am part of the itutor fam. Loved the video. It was well done, with good lighting, and your apt is delightful! I was always wondering how to make coffee in that little Italian coffee pot! I make mine in a Jezva. I still make mistakes as I am an American in Serbia! LOL Hvala (Thanks) for the great video intro!

  7. Jerry K Lee

    Exelente video, Fran!!! Love it!! I am your number one fan here hahahaha! Espero ver muchos más en el futuro!!!

  8. Briane Rivera

    Lovely Video Francesca! Keep it up
    I never knew what a Moka pot was until today.
    You have a beautiful smile : )


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