How to Make Affogato with Spiked Stout (Coffee Recipe)

Affogato is a simple Italian dessert that combines a scoop of gelato with hot espresso to create a cupful of bittersweet heaven. And while affogato is perfection on its own, we’re going to take this classic treat a step further by making a “grown-up” version: Spiked Stout Affogato, which adds amaretto liqueur, chocolate stout, whipped cream, and dark chocolate. The process is so simple, it can hardly be called a ‘recipe’ — more of an ‘assembly’ guide. But it’s definitely something worth trying. And in my opinion, it’s the perfect dessert for chillier fall and winter months. There’s just something about melting ice cream that warms the soul. And it’s the perfect dessert recipe for entertaining because it’s so easy to make and requires almost no cooking (unless you want to count brewing coffee as ‘cooking’).If you don’t have access to an espresso machine, moka pot or double-strength coffee is a good alternative. You can also use standard ice cream if you don’t have gelato available.For printable recipe, visit: —————————————————-♥ We love to hear from you! ♥ Please feel free to ask questions and share your own experiences.Music Credit Title: Swingin’ JazzArtist: Nicolai Heidlas – Used via Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 License: FTC – This is not a sponsored video.Affogato (Beverage),affogato,how to make affogato,affogato recipe,coffee recipe,affogato coffee,coffee dessert,gelato,italian food,cooking,chocolate,vanilla,coffee,Espresso (Beverage),Amaretto (Ingredient),italian dessert,coffee ice cream,Ice Cream (Food),cocktails,cocktail recipes,coffee cocktail,drink recipes,italian affogato,how to eat affogato,affogato gelato,mokabees,Stout (Beer Style),Food (TV Genre),Cocktail (Beverage),Recipe (Website Category)

7 Replies to “How to Make Affogato with Spiked Stout (Coffee Recipe)”

  1. Fwteinh Nikolopoulou

    I was ahead of you… just skipped the stout cause I didn't have at home. otherwise was absolutely gorgeous. thank you for your effort.

  2. Nessa Rossini

    When you are out-and-about and want a treat — stop at Starbucks and pick up a quad Espresso Con Panna and then stop at Baskin Robbins and get 2 scoops of ice cream (any chocolate or vanilla flavors go well) in an over-sized cup. Pour your espresso con panna over the ice cream — instant dessert.
    remind self to pick ice cream up at the store


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