How to make a Mocha at Home – Moka Pot Espresso Recipe

Learn how to make a mocha at home with a moka pot espresso maker and an easy espresso drink recipe. Ingredients include: espresso, water, dark chocolate sauce and milk.

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20 Replies to “How to make a Mocha at Home – Moka Pot Espresso Recipe”

  1. Attila Göblyös

    I love this machine.>>>   I had gone thru 3 before this, they were all not powerful enough to make strong double shot. The grinder is great, the strength of the shots, and the size is perfect. I can't recommend this machine enough. The gauge helps u see if ur getting a good shot or not which I like alot.

  2. Hibiki Kuze

    Where is the link to the adorable mocha pot? >.>
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  3. gina bell

    You really, really, really need to place a class on CRAFTSY.COM There is an absolute void and this type of info is truly a craft. Think about it. I already know at least 20 people who would sign up for a class! Your tutorias are awesome!

  4. Sauce Stache

    Congrats on such a great video!! I bet you will be seeing a lot of 100k plus viewed videos!!! Love this! new Subscriber here! SAWESOME!


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