HOW TO MAKE A "LATTE" AT HOME (moka pot + frother)

Here’s a video of how I make a “latte” at home. Purists will absolutely not call this a latte, but to me, it is. It’s not possible to get the kind of creamy texture that steam creates when using a battery powered frother, but all things considered, cost included, this is a very affordable way of making a very nice cup of coffee.

What I used:
Severin SM 3590 Milk frother

Bialetti Moka Induction Stovetop Coffee Maker (6 Cup)

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9 Replies to “HOW TO MAKE A "LATTE" AT HOME (moka pot + frother)”

  1. Isaac G

    Nice video. I like the chill atmos 🙂 but I have to disagree about automated milk frothers producing the same result as the wand you use in this video. I have an automatic frother and it textures the milk far better than the results you can see at 5:12. Not microfoam but not far off. It looks like you've just heated and/or frothed it too much. If you prefer this way then okay, fair enough. You could maybe experiment with pouring the milk onto the coffee and have a go at some latte art?


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