28 Replies to “How to make 6 cappuccino in 3 minutes 😊”

  1. Uros Djuric

    In my country this is not cappuccino,cappuccino have foam of milk and dont have art because is not possible,we that call long espreso with milk enjoy guys and girls i will keep watching on you tube profesional people who is the best in create of cap coffe with amazing art.😊😊😊

  2. Yusri Abbas

    I have a Nespresso coffee machine and every time I make an espresso or a cappuccino I remember you making coffee drinks with a smile as usual.
    You inspire me and every coffee lover who sees your videos.
    Don't stop pleasing and encouraging people around the world!

  3. Anthony Brown

    I can't believe this man stays so positive making coffee all day everyday, I was sick of it after a year, suppose he has nice customers? No idea what that is.

  4. Vulperine

    I work in a small cafe I can only dream of operating your equipment, you are an inspiration to me and many other serious baristas I know

  5. Eloise Yates

    Maybe this is a traditional cappuccino but I thought it had a thin rim off coffee and then foamier milk..? I could be wrong

  6. Toro Azzurro1926

    Ciao grande Maestro 👍 du bist immer der größte
    Welches Leva Modell ist es, La San Marco, Izzo oder was?

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