How to Froth & Foam Milk Without an Espresso Machine or Steam | 4 Ways

We show you four ways to make frothy milk foam for your coffee without an espresso machine. We’ll be using a whisk, a french press, a milk frothing wand, and a jar. But before we get started, let’s talk about the difference between *steamed milk*, and milk foam.

Steamed milk is what’s most commonly made with higher-end espresso machines. This produces tiny, closely-knit bubbles and is similar in consistency to thick paint. It’s used to create the lovely latte art seen at your favorite cafe.

Milk foam (or frothed milk) is slightly different. It’s the fluffy, pillowy goodness that typically tops cappuccinos. Since it has an airier, fluffier consistency, it is not used for latte art. I understand there are slight differences between “foam” and “froth”, but for the purposes of this video, I’m using them interchangeably.

While steamed milk typically requires a steam wand, we can produce pretty-good milk foam using household tools. Today I’ll be covering four of my favorites.

1. Whisk & Stovetop: This produces very light, airy pillows.
2. French Press: My favorite method, this produces rich, velvety, creamy pillows that are more dense than the other methods.
3. Frothing Wand: This method produces a feather-light foam with less structure and stability than other methods.
4. Jar Method: Produces a smooth, more fluid froth.

For each of these methods, you’ll notice that some milk almost always remains unfrothed. This is perfectly normal. Pour the liquid milk in your drink first, then spoon the foam on top. Enjoy!

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40 Replies to “How to Froth & Foam Milk Without an Espresso Machine or Steam | 4 Ways”

  1. Susan Qu

    Don't have any legit frothing tools, came across this video, tried the french press method with soy milk, made probably the best froth that I've ever tasted!! The texture was not only creamy, it was smooth and the foam was dense <3 Thank you!!

  2. Makingnewnamesisdumb

    I don't know if my espresso machines steaming wand just isn't very good or if I'm really bad at steaming milk

  3. HoldShiftt2Run

    I just put my mug filled with just a bit of milk and I put it in the microwave for 1 minute and then froth it with either a whisking tool or a fork.

  4. Kla López C

    Best video! thanks <3 eventhough i've bought the espresso machine sometimes i'm tired, and from now on i'll use the first method

  5. redwarren2836

    Thanks. I like my teas and hot chocolate looking posh THUMBS UP AUBED AND BELL👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👏😆

  6. Lip stick

    I love method four the best for Frothy Foam Milk in your coffee…
    Simple, Easy, Elegant, and Inexpensive… Who knew… I Love this idea…
    I am trying it tonight or tomorrow morning…
    I will try the other three methods later to see which one I love the best…
    Awesome video, more please…

  7. EdiTEd

    I tried the whisk method for my coffee and my sis cacao and it turned out soo welll she was super happy! Thank you!❤️👌🏻

  8. Ka H

    Thank you! Finally I found a video that really helped. Your tips definitely made the difference. This is the video I was hoping to find after watching many of the same without any helpful knowledge. Explaining the different methods someone can use is key to understand different types of foam and how the foam should be frothed with different percentages of fat content in the milk, also the moment the milk should be heated up. I do not like the feathered like foam but the thicker one and you showed it. YES.🙏🏼🙏🏼

  9. Steve Ganis

    Used the wand, added even more time than you suggest, and fat free milk didn't froth. I want an espresso style strong cup of coffee using my Keurig 2.0 machine, and KCups, so with 4 ounces of water, I tried your Wand technique using 2 ounces of fat free milk. What I got was an Americano, no froth at all. Any suggestions, please?

  10. Toast !

    I've never had a cappuccino before 😌 I usually make my own coffee and so the closest thing I ever made to a "cappuccino" was a frappuccino
    Also, have a question can you possibly use a hand whisk to do it?

  11. alotoli yeptho

    Hi, I'll be opening a cafe soon. Could you please upload a video on how to make cappuccino, latte and expresso. Thanks

  12. Vudo2

    Excellent info! Thank you! Any chance you could do a video of the same showing these same techniques and how they might work for non-dairy milks – preferably coconut milk?

  13. remsan03

    I have a conundrum: When I froth the milk cold, it makes foam beautifully. But after I warm it up, it couldn't hold the foam for longer than a couple of minutes. It seems that warm liquid is much looser and couldn't hold the air for long (which according to physics, it makes sense). However, when I buy a cup of cappuccino from a cafe with milk steamer, the foam hold much longer.

  14. Theo Sudarja

    And how does it compare to the steam method?

    Which one denser? Is it the French Press that produce the most dense consistency, compared to steam?


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