How to Brew PERFECT Coffee in a Moka Pot – Two Methods!

Our recommended coffee for the moka pot :

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41 Replies to “How to Brew PERFECT Coffee in a Moka Pot – Two Methods!”

  1. Jude San

    Why is my moka pot not producing a smooth flowing coffee in the chamber? 🙁 it hasnt even filled the coffee but it already produces random hissing and squirts of coffee instead of a smooth flow like in the video

    1. Used boiling water
    2. Did not tamp coffee

    Any tips? Is it the heat of the stove? I need help 😊 thanks in advance!

  2. broadway al

    I don't understand why lowering the heat source would increase the time the water is having contact with the grounds. Water boils at 212 degrees at sea level and no mater the heat setting it won't start to move until then. Getting the water up to a boil before assembling is much better than waiting for the coffee from a cold start though.

  3. Tani_Leo

    Besides trying to learn about brewing coffee in mocca pot, I am also trying to pick up your native accent. I can’t determine if it’s American or Canadian, but I like it.

  4. Sara Kossove

    i used this first brew method in my freshly washed and dried kettle. it made the most perfect cup. i add steamed milk to top off my coffee. The next day, I used the same method. I heard the water heating up, even saw steam, but the coffee never perked. It was bewildering! i cleaned the gasket, filter and everything. i am so curious if anyone has experienced their coffee not making it up to perk. I assume either my heat source was not hot enough or kettle was not fastened tightly. any thoughts???

  5. Cameron Clark

    The whole espresso pressure argument annoys me. Like who cares? The important thing is taste. That's why we drink coffee right? Taste an espresso pulled from a proper machine – does it taste like a Moka pot? No.
    There you go.. but that isn't a drawback of a Moka pot, who cares what names people give things as long as you enjoy what you're drinking

  6. andrew wheeler

    very very helpful. got my first moka pot last night and now i understand what I was doing wrong. great tutorial

  7. Davide Di Toma


    try this method ("wet bed" technique) with the moka, and let me know what you think.,nel%20filtro%20prima%20dell%27estrazione.

    It is written in Italian, but it is not too difficult to understand.

    If used the "wet bed" method with the "E&B lab" competition filter, the result is surprising!

    These are the links with the tests made by Lucio Del Piccolo (he is an expert in moka pot).
    Unfortunately these are also in Italian 😅.

  8. Naz Metin

    Hey! thank you for all the info! I have quick question i find that my coffee is muddy when i use my bialetti moka pot i almost use the same technique as the 1st one, any suggestions on how to perfect my coffee 🙂

  9. Felisha Kay

    I always find it strange when people say their Encore can't grind espresso, because I get by fine with it. It's not perfect, but I pull smooth and balanced shots with a 2-4 grind depending on the bean.

  10. fearless lives forever

    just discovered moka pots, and because of this video i plan on buying it (frankly: i hate keurigs. i feel more productive with great end result if i make my coffee myself!). just a question: i have the pre-ground cafe bustelo and don't have monetary means to additionally buy a coffee bean grinder. would it be alright if i use that pre-ground cafe bustelo with this?

  11. khurram41

    I can't believe you said 140 grams of water? and even wrote it, that's very illiterate of you, may be you meant 140 ml… and another illogical things is to do boiling water in the moka pot, which will unnecessarily make it's surface hot, you could do it in a separate pot/vessel.

  12. Paolo Jimenez

    Nice video. Thank you. I own a Moka Pot but have Never used it. After watching this video, I guess I will. 😉

  13. Priscilla Hammond

    Omg my kitchen looks a lot like yours! I have the wood walls, a tiny gas stove with a shelf over top, & next to the same vintage iron sink just like that! How cool! Plus i just made my iced latte using my Moka pot 😝 Just watching videos cuz I've only had a Moka pot a few months and Im learning more about it so happy to have one!

  14. Rodrigo vs

    I have been using my moka pot for about a month now and I’m really enjoying it. But the last few times I brewed with it, the coffee just started gurgling violently from the start, without ever getting that nice slow flow of coffee at the top (even at the lowest heat on my stove). Needless to say, those brews were awful. I never had this problem before and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  15. Dorset Dumpling

    I tried the drinking technique you show in your thumbnail……please provide your lawyers’ address so I can serve the lawsuit.

  16. Davide Pamio

    I'm italian and I've never heard about heating the water before closing the Moka. Maybe it's not wrong but it will be so long e so annoying!! Coffee is just something I made in 2 minutes, this seems too much effort for me :-/

  17. He's ONE FUNNY GUY

    coffee appears too coarse. illy, kimbo and lavazza all produce ground coffee for the moka pot. you can use these as a reference for getting a proper grind.

  18. Aishik Ashraf

    Got my Encore today. I've been trying to get moka pot coffee right with pre-ground Lavazza for a while, and failed pretty much every single time. One cup I made yesterday tasted like lemon juice lol

    Used 18g freshly ground Yirgacheffe today, and used low heat. Sour coffee again 🤦‍♂️

  19. Scottishking

    Hi. I didn’t realise these are fitted to specific portions. I bought a six person pot thinking you could make it for up-to six people and in reality its only me who will use it is there a way to make one or two cups at a time in the six cup pot? I will be really disappointed of it cannot be done as I don’t want to waste coffee. If so I think i will just try to make it with less beans and water in the pot.

  20. Paul Squire

    We've had a Moka pot for a few years, the 2 cup and 4 cup Moka's. I prefer fine ground on low heat, makes a great STRONG coffee, the key is using a GOOD coffee. We prefer Peet's, mainly 3 varieties if you can easily find them at one of your local grocers. Peet's Big Bang, Columbia Luminosa, Cafe Domingo and Columbian although its a Dark Roast and I prefer Columbian in a Medium Roast. All of these Peet's coffees in the Moka are smooth and rich and the perfect amount of acidity. Also, I have never preheated; just prepare, assemble, brew on low or some where on the lower end of medium-low. This is the first video I've seen where it's preheated un-assembled.

  21. Fernando Herranz

    Interesting how-to video. I prefer the stainless steel pots which don't have that metallic aluminum flavor. Attaching the top chamber when the water is pre-boil is an iffy proposition safety-wise IMO. But more power to you if you can do it with no problem. I'm a klutz in the morning so no way I'm doing that! Thanks for the great video and suggestions for coffee grind options. Cheers!

  22. muchas gracias

    Great video for me as a new moka pot user! Yes please, I would love to see your coffee recipes. Thanks man.

  23. BJ K

    This looks very cool – ordered mine today, and can't wait. Thanks for a great video! I am going to be using an electric stove – are there any other steps or things to watch out for? Thanks!

  24. John Galang

    So I'm having trouble figuring out when to pull it off the stove. Is all/most of the water supposed to steam into the top chamber? There always seems to be water still in the bottom chamber. Am I simply pulling it off too soon?

  25. Adéla Kubíčková

    The best video about preparing coffee in a moka pot! Thanks 🙂 Everywhere's just the method 1, but you showed also method 2, which is actually the way I prepare my coffee at home and I love it. Have a nice day

  26. Andrew Yarosh

    “…… my favorite parts of brewing with a Mokka Pot….”. There are none……

    Unless you like that tangy heated aluminum taste.

    Is there a reason why you haven’t done an AeroPress video? Do they not pay to play?


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