How To Brew | Moka Pot – Our Deep Dive on Brewing | Ultimate Technique

In this deep dive, we explore some of the myths as well as some of the more advanced techniques for brewing the best Moka Pot.

Making coffee at home can be difficult, particularly if you don’t have access to great information. We want to share our secrets, tips, tricks and techniques on how to make a Moka Pot in the most delicious way possible.
Let’s have some fun along the way, shall we!

This is another tutorial in the video series from The Bould Brothers for how to make coffee, like a professional, at home – this time, we do a pretty deep dive!

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16 Replies to “How To Brew | Moka Pot – Our Deep Dive on Brewing | Ultimate Technique”

  1. sc

    A very interesting video. Recommendations for Moka pot have been all over the board. I've experimented with cold water, room temp water, hot water (190 degrees F), different roast levels, different grind sizes, etc. My favorite has been a medium dark roast, medium coarse grind with an Aeropress paper filter and stopping the brewing at 3/4 full with cold water so the filter doesn't burst (that's not fun). That's what I've found to give me the closest to espresso at home. I'll typically do one cup of a Moka Pot brew followed by an Aeropress brew or V60 brew. So great to experiment with different Brew methods, grind size, roast levels, coffee origins and varietals, etc. My arsenal so far includes a Chemex, a Hario v60, an Aeropress, and aluminum Moka pot, a stainless steel Moka pot, a drip coffee maker, a bamboo dripper, a Keurig machine (that collects dust), and good old-fashioned glass Pyrex vessels for cold brew. Thanks for the video guys! 👍☕

  2. Davide Di Toma

    Hi guys,

    try this method ("wet bed" technique) with the moka, and let me know what you think.,nel%20filtro%20prima%20dell%27estrazione.

    It is written in Italian, but it is not too difficult to understand.

    If used the "wet bed" method with the "E&B lab" competition filter, the result is surprising!

    These are the links with the tests made by Lucio Del Piccolo (he is an expert in moka pot).
    Unfortunately these are also in Italian 😅.

  3. etern4lgod

    Love it! Little niche, but would you guys consider making a little infographic explaining grind sizes, their corresponding brew methods and why, and comandante clicks?

  4. Lisa Bell

    Well, I've just brewed the afternoon coffee, to your method. It tastes smoother! But, you're absolutely right – medium roast is best. More flavour profile. The science makes total sense. Cheers!

  5. Lisa Bell

    Woo hoo!! Loved the science bit! I have learnt something (the high heat, then turn down, then off bit). Then, when you mentioned the dark roast v medium roast thingie, I had a small epiphanic moment (is that even a word? I just made it up, so I know what I mean! It sounds good with the stress on the penultimate syllable!!) I have a dark roast, as usual this week, but last time, I couldn't find one in the shop, so had to have a medium. And it tasted gooood!!!
    Suffice to say, I will buy a medium roast when I've run outta this dark one. Everything else I am already doing. Hurrah!! This afternoon's brew will be made your way, and, despite the dark roast I am currently using (damn silly creature of habit that I am!), I will see what effect it has, if any….. Cheers !

  6. J P Taylor

    Cheers guys great informative & wonderful production, going to brew my first Moka Pot in a long time! Crazy P included


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