How to brew better tasting coffee with moka pot

A friend of mine got a moka pot and shared his disappointment with me that his coffee tastes cooked, burnt and mediocre. I got the same pot here in Addis Ababa and tried to tweak one thing by boiling the water first then adding the fresh ground coffee to the pot later and the coffee ‘(espresso)’ made by a moka pot tasted delicious especially as a milk drink – A home made latte.

I will call the brew ‘espresso’ because there is some amount of pressure generated in the water tank that pushes the water through the filter funnel to brew the coffee.

I hope this will reach one or two coffee drinkers and enable the beginners to enjoy a good cup out out this ancient coffee brewer.

Pour over coffee home-style brew

Is it time to go back to my roots?

8 Replies to “How to brew better tasting coffee with moka pot”

  1. Eric Mutua

    Thanks for doing this Alfred. It's about time you got to share with people a piece of your coffee mastery wisdom. Keep it up.

  2. Alfred Mwai

    Hi @ Patrick Waithaka! highly appreciated. I hope i will be able to do more of educative videos in specialty coffee here. It has been long… Thanks!

  3. Alfred Mwai

    Hi @Christine Njagi! Thanks! I will make arrangements for a pound or two of the chocolate tones laden coffee. By the way Uganda Bugisu washed coffee is soooo chocolatey. Thanks!

  4. Patrick Waithaka

    Congratulations. you are very passionate about coffee brewing. I have never known some aspects of coffee processing but now I know.

  5. Dan Severns

    I liked your video, particularly about the different stages from green fruits to ground roast coffee. I have been making moka pot coffee on a little home made alcohol stove in my work shed for a couple years now. The whole process is very relaxing, a half hour preparing the moka pot, grinding the beans, brewing the coffee, and them heating the milk. I do need to get something to froth the milk though. Very delicious.


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