Homemade Iced Caffe Mocha Latte with a Moka Pot∣ 用摩卡壺做冰摩卡拿鐵

Easy way to make an iced caffe mocha latte with a moka pot at home.

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Filming equipment: Nikon D750
Music by me and my guitar 🙂

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16 Replies to “Homemade Iced Caffe Mocha Latte with a Moka Pot∣ 用摩卡壺做冰摩卡拿鐵”

  1. Sen Chi

    watching how this was done it didn't seem like anything special
    but pouring the milk into the spoon to help get that layer was genius 🤔😊👌

  2. Jessie Wang

    Subscribe or place an order? XDD 看到摩卡壺中慢慢湧現熱咖啡,有種感動… 運鏡、切換、配樂… 精緻!


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