Home coffee machine test – Live

10 cappuccino with 5 different home machines live from my home kitchen in Düsseldorf – Germany!

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27 Replies to “Home coffee machine test – Live”

  1. Ed Serra

    Hello Dritan. New fan from Los Angeles. We have a Barista Express but feel a bit disappointed. Hear some good things about Gaggia thinking of one of their automatic models. Any input for machines in that range? We doing capuchinos, cortados and espresso straight up. Thank you for your passion.

  2. Vito Rotondi

    I have a question. Why do you pour the frothed milk into another container and then pour it into the coffee?

  3. DDS Rdds

    Nice video dritan, about the vbm, i dont know this model , but looks awesome these shot, how are that machine , build quality ect👍thanks

  4. coran إسلامنا

    Hi please sr give me a contract of work please please please i need it so much my dream working with you

  5. Hasan Bakarker

    Love your video I’m big fan from yemen i do have machine at home and I’m learning from you a lot stay at home safe both of you….

  6. William Sladek

    Nice video. I grind Maromas Orphea with a Ceado E6P grinder and pull perfect shots from my Profitec Pro 500 Espresso Machine. Coffee Nirvana. Respect the roast

  7. Ilya Lukashenko

    Hi Dritan,
    Thanks for the video!
    If you have the chance could you please test one of the La Pavoni's lever machines? I'm really interested in the result!

  8. Randolph de Leon

    Wonder who's going to have the rest of those when they're the only ones in the house. Unless of course they're not, and that they do have the whole family in to share the lattes with

  9. MrHelidude

    Happy greetings from Tasmania ………. (。◕‿◕。)
    My mother is from, and my relatives are there in Mettmann

  10. Jerrymw Yang

    Hi Mr.Alsela, I am your fan from Taiwan. I really enjoy your video. I Like it! Can you share how to make a perfect foam with Profitec pro 300 ? Maybe make foam with weak steam machine would be okay!

  11. Leah Sweetie

    Funny in Malaysia we dose our coffee grams in grams out. And Dritan just made it like it doesn’t matter. 😸😸

  12. George_Jordan

    I was wonderingen how much espresso do you have in the basket when you making 2 cups at the same time? Cheers


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