35 Replies to “Home Barista”

  1. G Monok

    Nice video. Question: How long did it take you to grind double dose (I guess 21gr)? I have the same grinder but it takes almost 11'' for 21gr and in your video seems to take 9''

  2. MrSaxbb

    Omg I wish I would have somebody like you in my family, I only have a Nespresso machine at home, that’s the only thing that gets close to what you do

  3. Gravefield Lacombe

    Wow you have nice stuff, great! I only have a poor dedica 😀 I'm a beginner, When I see you working I think when I do the milk, it's too hot, I don't know, I see you use 2 recipients to breack the bubble? Sry my english is basic ^^ anyway nice video!

  4. Alvin Ariesta

    Finally you get espresso machine at home, 3 good ones nonetheless! And you look so happy while making coffee 😁☕

  5. iBarista

    Love my Linea, have you set the PID to higher than 96C cause why is the water coming out boiling hot out of the group head?

  6. jessica ariella.

    I have my own simonelli oscar II and simonelli appia compact on my cafes. My next achievement is linea mini for my house 😍😍❤️❤️ still on preorder process and I can’t wait to play with it! 🤍🤍

  7. Omax fe357

    Tap, tap, tap your latte is ready!
    But that Marzocco Linea mini is so lovely!!! I got to pick one up, even if I can't justify the price! Lol

  8. Chris Stamati

    Slowly slowly you start to get professional,nice equipment s , excellent camera man or camera woman 👏👊

  9. Shevon Perera

    Why do you have two pitchers of milk? Does the texture of the milk is different in each pitcher? Is this essential to getting latte art? Can you please explain? I’m struggling with getting latte art right.

  10. Fran cesco

    Come si chiama la marca produttrice della macchina di caffè? What is the brand of the coffee machine called?

  11. Max van Beers

    LM mini, two atoms, ascaso Steele duo, comandante and a gs3😱😱😱
    What the h is that setup!?! I'm so jealous right now.


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