Go Outside! and Make: Moka Pot Coffee

When you find one spot by the river and all your thoughts are about chilling, who wouldn’t think a cup of coffee as a perfect companion for you to calm the mind. With no electricity, Gianjar guides us on how to make coffee using Moka Pot.

It’s the open-air who persuade us to stray much further outside, moving our body, getting fresh air and working up a sweat to make something we love. Cooking outdoors is challenging, there’s a bit more hit-or-miss. But, that does not mean outdoor food is bland. There’s just something about food cooked outdoors that makes it taste even better than it does when we cooked at home. So, go outside! and make something you love too.

The Producer : Aldiandra

The Director : Dozzy

The Pitmaster : Hedi Rusdian

The Maker : Gianjar Saribanon


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30 Replies to “Go Outside! and Make: Moka Pot Coffee”

  1. Yus Wahyudin

    Masih ga faham sama org yg dislike, mungkin mereka tontonnya chanel Prank sampah yg ga sengaja mampir sini wkwk

  2. godspeed Fellas

    apinya kegedean jadi cremanya ga keluar tapi nice ini channel. plis jadilah pecinta alam sebenarnya, jangan seperti yg lain. setelah turun dari alam dan sampai ke kota, buang sampah sembarangannya masih dilakukan. i love you all, please be kind and stay survive 🙂


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