French Press VS Moka Pot! YTO 106/365

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6 Replies to “French Press VS Moka Pot! YTO 106/365”

  1. James Bartholomew

    You're supposed to fill the Moka filter completely, not with just one scoop of coffee. If you fill the bottom part of the Moka with water up to the escape valve, and cover it with the filter full of finely ground coffee beans, you will get a small pot of strong coffee you can drink straight or diluted with hot milk . But if it's not strong enough you will never get the viscosity or fullness of flavor (or caffeine) that is part of enjoying a good cup of coffee.

    I get good results from my French press as well, with five scoops of ground coffee to one large glass pot. The ratio you hear a lot of coffee to water is 1:10 to make it right. To me there's nothing worse than a weak cup of coffee. Good luck with your efforts.

  2. handsomebassman

    …that is not espresso. Moka pots make a serving of delicious coffee, but there is no pressurized bath, nor crema, nor the concentration of a shot of espresso.

  3. Tammy Flores

    You will be drinking coffee because espresso… you need a more finely ground coffee bean, but I am sure it'll be good. Coffee in the french press is the bomb! The best!


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