Fabio's Kitchen: Season 3 Episode 33, "Portobello Steak"

We are making an amazing Portobello Steak this week on Fabio’s Kitchen. This beautiful Portobello Steak will expand your steak game in delicious ways you didn’t even know were possible!

Come on into my home kitchen, completely outfitted with Viking Appliances.

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Portobello Steak recipe can be found here:

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12 Replies to “Fabio's Kitchen: Season 3 Episode 33, "Portobello Steak"”

  1. Fran Eleazer

    Which line of Bialetti pans are you using, the Impact, or the Granito? The Impact looks like the better choice, but the one you're using looks more like the Granito. Love your videos, thanks Fabio!

  2. leila karlslund

    Almost stopped watching due to the loud music. A real blessing when it held a pause. Now all we need now is a better lighting.

  3. frie jemi

    Those Bialetti pans are REAL just like he says. It's not a coating to scratch off, it's the grainy titanium that makes non stickiness… I got 2 pans for $30 at Bed Bath & Beyond. USE A TINY TOUCH OF OIL, wipe it around, and nothing sticks! (oil not required but preferred)

  4. Peace for Paz

    Mushrooms on steroids – everything bigger and better in USA – I don't see mushrooms that size in this part of the world! Yum, thanx for another wonderful recipe, Fabio – gonna try this one with smaller mushrooms! It looks very "restauranty", the way you z-z-z-lice them so nicely!

  5. wordkyle

    I am a longtime Fabio Viviani fan. Having said that, I sometimes skip a video after watching for only a minute or so. Please, sound editors, lower the volume on the music so that we don't have to strain to hear what he's saying.

  6. Mahn England

    For the vegetarians you could replace the beef stock with a vegetable stock using those mushroom trimmings to boost the flavor of the stock.

  7. Michael Meltzer

    I love these videos. The music during the intro is too loud though, can't really hear what Chef Fabio is saying…..thanks, rock on guys…


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