Fabio's Kitchen: Season 3 Episode 31, "Fabios Pancake"

We are making MY amazing Pancake this week on Fabio’s Kitchen. I am going to teach you how to elevate your Pancake game from Kindergarten to SWAT Team!

Come on into my home kitchen, completely outfitted with Viking Appliances.

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Fabio’s Pancake recipe can be found here:

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14 Replies to “Fabio's Kitchen: Season 3 Episode 31, "Fabios Pancake"”

  1. Joey Scruggs

    Lol, i love this channel! Its my favorite on on YOUTUBE.
    You didnt by any chance cook that pancack at 4:20 though did you? Lol, first time that ivr seen Fabio sing about the food!

  2. Dylan Hermsen

    Fabio putting banana on a pancake while baking: this is totally new
    Classical Dutch pancake recipe: Am I a joke to you….

  3. Stoney327

    Chao. I married an Italian who loves her Italian food!! Here's my question. she used to talk about her grandfather making something called Beans and Bread??? Another favorite of hers is Polenta Baked in Red sauce? I was a chef for a time back in the 60's but these recipes eluded me? Can you make them in a video (s) I believe she said her grand parents were from Solerno if that helps?
    Thank you.

  4. Peace for Paz

    Nice flipping there, Chef !! I'm really impressed that the fruit got flipped as well and didn't fly around the kitchen. I'm on board with your sentiment about wanting your butter IN the food, not just in the pan! Yum – thanx for a calorific recipe, will save this one for when I intend doing at least an hour cardio !! xox

  5. Tommy Roberts

    I would love to go heads up against him in a competition on who could make the best pancakes. I can't cook like him, but on pancakes this country boy would kick his butt lol


    How about ricotta pancakes … and some creative topping. I make a strawberry amaretto syrup for my pancakes that have almonds. I also like making cornmeal pancakes with clementines in the batter and a cinnamon-honey syrup (sometimes with a hint of jalapeno). And YES … I would definitely put chopped up bacon in my batter.


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