Fabio's Kitchen: Season 2 Episode 5, "Beef Carpaccio"

We are MAKING HISTORY today…why? Because Carpaccio might be the most historical dish of Italy. We learn history on Fabio’s Kitchen, too ;-).

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Beef Carpaccio recipe can be found here:

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11 Replies to “Fabio's Kitchen: Season 2 Episode 5, "Beef Carpaccio"”

  1. Janene Otten

    Nice! Game changer! I worked at Cipriani in NYC and the beef carpaccio was often served as a canape during the cocktail hour. It was FANTASTIC! Oh, crap! I wasn't supposed to say that! As servers, we were not allowed to eat the food while working!! Well, here's a secret: We all did anyway! 🙂 I always wondered how it was made. Thanks! You ARE the best!!

  2. angelsfire62

    I don't think I could eat completely raw meat… 🙁 …but the dish looks delicious….but I would have to cook the meat at least a little bit.

  3. I Call It Like I See It And Don't Care

    Even if it's just for a minute on each side, I'll be cooking the meat on that one.

  4. Naia Kelly

    Bahaha… you're so funny! Great story! Can't wait to get back to Italy and have some serious beef carpaccio!


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