Espresso preparation with Moka Bialetti



Hey guys, I am back with another simple video on how I make my morning espresso with my Caffettiera. I made this video on Monday morning and I will not do it anymore 😀 Monday morning is not actually a good day to shoot videos, or at least I should make sure to drink an espresso prior to the shooting. Anyway, here are the steps I take to prepare espresso with Moka Bialetti. I hope you enjoy and learn something useful.

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14 Replies to “Espresso preparation with Moka Bialetti”

  1. mulciberus

    Design, tradition, history… Watching your videos inspired me to purchase a Moka Express today, and it's everything you say. Thank you!

  2. Mood

    Hi. Good video. I want to buy one for my husband. But i saw another video shows moka pot exploded. Does this sometimes happened? It scares me because i will be the one making coffee for him

  3. africanpride69

    lol you and my bf will get along. He uses the low setting, he says no rush. We Americans like things concerning food rushed.

  4. Rebecca

    Thanks a lot for all your espresso lessons. I'm new to this way of making coffee. I have a question. When you ad water to the percolator do you preheat the water? Or do you just use cold water?

  5. Jelmer Keij

    Gionatan, grazie for this video. Question: do you add hot or cold water? I assume cold since you take the pot into your hands, but many people say to use hot water so the boil will come quickly and the coffeegrind doesn't get too hot.

  6. Dan Severns

    Two things I really liked about this video: you say that what you are presenting is the way that you do it and that other people use a different method. I also agree with you that the ritual of making the coffee is an important part of the experience.


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